5 Natural Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Most of you must be familiar with intense back pain. Whether you are sitting in front of the computer whole day or just came out of the gym doing an intense back workout, when you start feeling the lower back pain you feel like nothing could feel worse than this.

Lower back pain is also called as ‘Lumbago.’ It can occur to anyone at any time without any pre-sign. Lower back pain often arises after one turns 35. The reason behind this is as you age, muscle elasticity and bone strength decrease over time which leaves your back vulnerable to injury and strain.

Some important factors for lower back pain include using tobacco or smoking, family history of back pain, a sedentary lifestyle, doing excess physical work, or being obese.

So, if you are suffering from lower back pain and looking for natural remedies to alleviate the lower back pain then look no further. We’ve got your back.


Develop endorphins

Endorphins are naturally made hormones into your body. They act as a built-in pain reliever in your body, and they can be as strong as manufactured pain killer medicines. Endorphins are like morphine but without any side effects.

Pain signals travel along the peripheral nervous systems until they make it to the spinal cord. According to the gate control theory, there are gates on the pack of nerve fibers in the spinal cord between the brain and the peripheral nerves. This spinal gate controls the flow of pain signals from the peripheral nerves to your brain and endorphins prevents this flow of pain signals from reaching the brain.

Endorphins get released during moderate to extended workout. Activities like running, swimming, cycling, yoga develops the endorphins and gets it flowing through your body regularly.


Perform yoga

There’s a common misconception among younger ones that yoga is only for old people, who like to meditate, or for ones who don’t want to sweat up by doing a workout. However, it’s not true at all. Yoga is for everyone. It is like the best exercise which has so many great effects on the body.

Yoga not only helps with lower back pain relief, but it also shapes up your body’s overall posture. It helps in decreasing anxiety, depression, and pain.

It also helps the patients with arthritis, plays a crucial role in treating asthma, improves risk factors related to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and enhances sleep quality even in patients who have insomnia.

Perform the following yoga position for alleviating the lower back pain:

  • Child Pose
  • Cat/Cow Pose
  • Downward facing dog
  • Standing forward bend
  • Sphinx Pose
  • Reclined pigeon Pose

Get rid of obesity

Obesity is one of the most common reasons behind any disease or problem including lower back pain. Excess weight makes it harder for your muscles to move and makes them less flexible which further puts a lot of pressure on the spine. So, get rid of that obesity and lose some weight.

As you gain weight, pressure, and stress on the lower back muscles and spine increases. Each pound adds strain to the ligaments and tissues in the back. The excess weight at the front body causes an increased arch in the spine which leads to injury, compression of nerves and discs. Losing this excess weight alleviates the tendency to arch the lower back and relieves the pressure on nerves and lower spine.


Exercise is the key

Regular exercises like doing cardio, strength training, or aerobic exercises helps in reducing back pain by increasing the flexibility of muscles and helps you in maintaining a healthy weight. Exercising also reduces muscular compensations, inflammation and improves the posture of your body.

Although exercise is good for your health, doing it in a wrong way can deteriorate the posture of your body and can lead you to injuries. While working out many people forget about this essential factor to hit a few more extra reps or lift even more weights. This is more common while deadlifting.

Deadlifting is the most common and useful exercise for improving your back. It may seem like an easy exercise for you but mastering it while maintaining the perfect form is the most challenging part of this exercise. People often overlook the form which leads them to back injury and sometimes this back injury can be a permanent one.

So, while working out, keep in mind that perfect form matters.


Healthy diet

What you eat has a significant impact on your body. Maintain a healthy body weight to improve the muscular health and overall joints. Consuming healthy diets reduces inflammation and prevents the back pain from returning in the future. Consume anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and especially vitamin D rich foods. Having adequate vitamin D can even prevent arthritis as you age.

Vitamin D is strongly associated with chronic back pain. Lower back pain may be the sign of the inadequate level of vitamin D in your blood. Some natural sources of vitamin D are sunlight, and vitamin D packed foods like salmon, dairy products, soy milk, orange juice, cereals, egg yolks, beef liver, and cheese.

You can also try using essential oils like peppermint, rosehip, lavender, clary sage etc for back pain relief and a calm mind. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a key to happiness. The above natural methods not only diminish the lower back pain, but it also helps to improve your overall body and mental health.

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