How to Keep Your Teeth Clean and Healthy

For most of us, dental health often ranks low in the priority list. We don’t give as much importance to oral care as we should. Some people think that brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are way too overrated, which is definitely wrong to think. Well, even studies have confirmed a link between your oral health and overall health. It’s therefore important to keep our teeth clean and healthy, which is not a tough thing to do.

Here are some tips to keep the teeth clean and healthy

Brush two times daily

If you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy, start brushing twice daily. Only brushing in the morning won’t help as it can get rid of the risk plaque and bacteria that accumulate through the day cause. Dentists recommend brushing before hitting the bed to prevent food debris and plaque to cause acid formation. You can brush twice a day and keep away a lot of dental health risks.
Floss your teeth and clean your tongue daily

Right after brushing, you must floss your teeth to take out foods and bacterial plaque stuck between your teeth. And if you don’t floss, the stuck particles can cause acid formation and harm your teeth greatly. In the same way, tongue cleaning should be part of your daily oral care routine to not let bacteria enter the body system and cause serious health risks.

Rinse your mouth after every meal

Every meal you have can leave behind food particles or debris which store up and cause bacteria growth. You can rinse your mouth and get rid of these unwanted debris. And even if someone you are not able to brush or floss due to some reason, don’t forget rinsing the mouth. It will help a lot for sure.

Eat right, avoid sugary items

Staying away from sugary items can help you have clean and healthy teeth. Any sugar-laden food is bad for your teeth as it can cause bacteria to grow and then acid formation happens. Consuming sugary items without any restraint means you will be always at a risk of tooth decay or cavity. Rather, start eating right, include leafy greens and crunchy fruits in your diet to keep your teeth healthy.

Avoid smoking or tobacco

If you want clean and healthy teeth, you must stop smoking. Using tobacco in any form can also leave you with stained or discolored teeth. Worse still, smoking leads to dry mouth which is characterized by low production of saliva in the mouth. And when saliva is less in the mouth, this can allow food particles and plaque to grow inside and pose a variety of dental health risks.

Cut back on tea, coffee and liquor

If you want healthy and clean teeth, there is no way better than cutting back on the consumption of tea, coffee and liquor. All the caffeinated drinks can cause staining and liquor can cause dry mouth. Waking up every morning to a cup of tea or coffee might seem tempting but the habit is bad for your dental health. And yes, consumption of liquor is and for your oral health and you must understand that well.

Drink plenty of water

It’s good habit to visit best dental clinic in Hyderabad frequently to maintain superior dental health. Apart from that, you can start drinking plenty of water daily and keep your teeth clean and healthy. Water can help wash away debris and plaque and bacteria from your mouth, and it is also helpful in production of saliva. You can drink any amount and it won’t harm as far as your health is concerned.

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