5 Reasons Why You Should Use Telemedicine For Your Hair Loss Treatment

Telemedicine companies have been brought to the forefront in the past few years, and it just may be that getting a lot of your healthcare online is the way of the future.

But, just what sorts of health concerns are great for getting treatment online?

One of the best ways to delve into telemedicine is to get help with an all too common problem — hair loss.

Below, we will cover 5 reasons why using telemedicine for your hair loss treatment may be way easier and potentially better than an in-person visit.

Immediate online Doctor’s consultations

The first, and often hardest, step in getting professional help for your hair loss woes is just having that talk with your doctor and letting them see your hair or scalp.

Making the doctor’s consult readily available from the comfort of your own home can be the difference between you starting your treatment today, or continuing to avoid the issue.

In addition, starting the conversation that you think you are losing hair can be an awkward one. So much so, that many may avoid treatment altogether just so they don’t have to bring it up.

With telemedicine consultations, a lot of the discomfort of the hair loss conversation can be alleviated in a few different ways. You can quickly explain online in a few minutes what your concerns are (sometimes using a questionnaire-based system), and you may also be able to send over a few pictures of your scalp, thinning, receding hairline, or bald spots, instead of having your doctor thumb through your hair in person.

You can deal with Doctors who specialize in hair loss

Not all doctors have the same skills and knowledge when it comes to treating hair loss. 

Sure, nearly every doctor knows the go-to first-line treatments, but they may not know what new things are coming down the line, or nuanced ways to treat hair loss if they don’t specialize in it.

Many telemedicine companies specialize in just a few types of treatments and then utilize doctors who are the best at those specific situations. 

Telemedicine companies that specialize in hair loss turn out to be a large portion of the companies out there, and they may be able to help you out with specialized knowledge regarding how to best treat your hair loss concerns.

Access to innovative hair loss treatments

There are a total of exactly 2 hair loss medications that are FDA approved for male pattern hair loss right now. There is over-the-counter Minoxidil like you can find in Rogaine products, as well as the prescription tablet, Finasteride.

While these hair loss treatments have definitely earned their place and are solid mainstays in the world of hair loss treatments, they aren’t necessarily your only options.

Many hair loss telemedicine companies (and doctors who specialize in hair loss) are looking towards innovative ways to treat hair loss, including compounding multiple ingredients together into one formulation, trying out oral medications like Finasteride in gel form on the scalp, or using medications off-label to help reduce DHT levels.

Just because there are only 2 FDA approved hair loss medication on the market right now, does not mean that it is the end of the road if those don’t work out for you. Hair loss telemedicine doctors may be able to help you find other options.

Free unlimited follow-ups to guide you through

Hair loss treatment is a long term process, and not every medication will work for everyone.

You may need to check back in with the telemedicine staff or telemedicine doctors occasionally to make sure you are on the right track or ask a few questions about the medication.

With telemedicine companies, many try to be as available as possible to help you through your treatments, completely for free. Since they are already set up on an online platform, they are often easily accessible for questions or concerns to help you reach your goals.

No visits to the pharmacy

Have you ever stopped or paused a therapy because you forgot to make it to the pharmacy? Ever missed a few doses because you were too busy to pick up your refill?

Compliance is a huge issue with nearly every medication, so the easier it is to have your refill to your door, the more likely you are to continue on a daily regimen.

Hair loss treatments are tricky, and you need regular daily compliance to see the best results.

With telemedicine companies, often handle the pharmacy for you too, and generally ship your medication(s) straight to your front door when they know you will be needing a refill.

Bottom Line:

Hair loss treatment is hard. 

You need to be very compliant with medications and treatments that often take months to start seeing results, plus you need to have an awkward conversation with your doctor about your hair loss, you may have trouble finding someone who specialized in hair loss in your area or network, and you need to stay on top of picking up your refills.

Telemedicine helps take some of the hassle, legwork, and awkwardness out of making your hair look better.

With telemedicine, you can quickly and discreetly have an online consultation, get access to innovative treatments, interact with a doctor who specializes in hair loss, scar wounds, or practically any condition and get free follow-ups, and have your medications shipped straight to your door.

Making sure you like the way your hair looks is important for your self-esteem and your quality of life, and telemedicine can make it easier to start on that road to better hair.Check out Patient engagement software

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