10 New Hot and Trending Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

American healthcare industry is growing rapidly and many new jobs have also come up. Keeping in mind that there are lots of baby boomers around now, there has been an increased need in the homecare sector where both medical and non-medical aid is being provided to the elderly.

The list below comprises of both medical and non-medical jobs related to health and care. Some of them require you to have a professional degree whereas some only require you to have a kind heart and be compassionate.

10. Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary

Median Salary: $81,140

Health specialty teachers make it to this on the 10th position. With the ever-expanding healthcare industry, there is more potential for jobs as well. This has led to the demand of teachers and trainers who can prepare fresh workers. From medicine, dentistry to public health, and even veterinary medicine, there are experts available in any subject to train you for your prospective job.

The specialty teaching job is anticipated to amplify by 36.1% by 2022. With a median wage of $81,140 yearly, this is a undeniably a career worth pursuing.

9. Occupational Therapy Aides

Median Salary: $26,850

Although this particular job is in the health sector but it does not require medical training. The professionals in this sector are required to handle clerical work, workstation prep, and basic cleaning. Most of the OT aides help out patients with paperwork and assist in transporting them.
Although the median annual remuneration for this job may not be much at $26,850 per year but the demand for this position is expected to boost by 36.2% by 2022.

8. Physician Assistants

Median Salary: $90,930

This particular position requires a proper license as these physician assistants (PAs) work as part of a medical team of physicians and surgeons. They are even allowed to execute examinations and give treatments under their license. In fact, their PAs receive similar training and education to a regular doctor but technically, they work under doctors’ direction.
With PA’s median annual wage of $90,930, which is supposed to increase in demand of 38.4%, this is a great opportunity for those who want to learn the technicalities of the medical field.

7. Skincare Specialists

Median Hourly Rate: $14/hour

If you are wary of working in the grimmer environment of hospitals, you can pursue a professional degree in skin-care. One of the best jobs for skin-care experts is in the spas. These days many day spas prefer to have skin specialists on hand to provide proper evaluation of a client’s skin and suggest treatments accordingly. Most of the treatments involve various massages, facials, and the application of creams and lotions. They are the best people to consult for minor skin problems and for the more serious conditions they can refer you to the dermatologists.

The skins specialists are paid on hourly bases at the median wage of about $14. However, it is not recommended if you are not passionate about this job. Nonetheless, its increase in demand is expected to a projected growth of 39.8% in the future.

6. Physical Therapist Aides

Median Salary: $23,880

This job is very similar to the occupational therapist aides, which focuses on indirectly supporting the therapists and their patients including the clerical work, cleaning and assisting patients. These aides basically supervise the smooth operation of different task so that patients can recover and relax in a good atmosphere.

The median annual income for this career is $23, 880. The demand for these professionals is projected to enhance by 40.1%, which is a quite notable amount.

5. Physical Therapist Assistants

Median Salary: $52,160

PTAs (physical therapist assistants) are medical professionals who directly help patients with their treatment. Their responsibilities include observing the patients throughout therapy, and noting down how effective the treatment is. They also provide massages and help patients stretch when they are recovering in bed. They are also responsible to provide proper awareness and education the patients regarding the maintenance of their physical health once they are discharged from the hospital.

The median annual wage for physical therapists assistants is a splendid $52,160. There is a chance of 41% increase in the future.

4. Genetic Counselors

Median Salary: $56,000

Relatively a new medical occupation, genetic counselors have the intriguing task of preparing people for possible diseases they or their prospective children may inherit and develop. This advancement allows people to make necessary lifestyle changes and decisions to prevent the occurrence and ensure a better future.

This profession requires a minimum of master’s degree in the relative field of either genetics or genetic counseling. The median yearly wage for genetic counselors is about $56,000. Potential job-seekers can expect a projected increase of 41.2% in job demand over the years.

3. Occupational Therapy Assistants

Median Salary: $53,240

These occupational therapy assistants partner with occupational therapists to provide assistance to physically handicapped people. These teams are especially trained to assist the elderly with serious conditions like Parkinson’s or stroke. They also help the seniors who find it difficult to move from one place to another independently. Together, they form treatment plans and ensure that these plans are followed religiously.

The median annual remuneration for this career is $53,240. There’s a projected 42.6% increase in job availability in the near future.

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Median Salary: $65,860

Diagnostic Medical Sonpgraphers are an essential part of the healthcare industry. They are professional who help detect the internal body systems and its workings. They are more famously recognized for detecting the well-being of babies but they also check up for harmful cysts, cancers, tumors and many other internal problems that cannot be detected outwardly.
You need to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree to qualify for this profession. The median annual salary is $65,860, and demand for the job is anticipated to amplify by 46% over time.

1. Home Health Aides

Median Salary: $20,820

Home health aides or home care assistants rank the highest on this list as they are in high demand. These professionals provide basic medical assistance like checking up the temperatures, measuring blood pressure etc. They cannot perform any medical tasks on their own though.

Apart from that, they assist the seniors with the household tasks like bathing, cooking, cleaning and other chores. They provide companionship to the lonely and even drive their elderly charges to the doctor’s appointments and other social commitments.

As this job is more about compassion, many people find it satisfying even with meager median annual wage of only $20,820. With a projected 48.5% increase in job availability, there will definitely be a great demand of homehealth aides.