3 Popular Weight-Loss Trends to Follow in 2017

With so much pollution, pesticides and toxic wastes, it has become really difficult to maintain a healthy diet that would keep you healthy and fit. Those who want to lose weight are finding it more challenging than before to find healthy and pure food choices. These days it’s really difficult to find produce, organic dairy, grass-fed meats, whole grains, and fish that has not been preserved or tampered with. To meet the needs of the ever-growing consumer markets, the foods are being processed with various chemicals that are more harmful to the body than being beneficial. These additives and fillers are one of the major causes leading to obesity and other diseases. People who want to shed the extra pounds find it physically and mentally exhausting to go through the challenging process. However, in 2017, 3 trends have become quite famous that are helping people to keep a check on their weight and inches

Wearable Tech Gadgets

The advancement is technology does not always need to be tainted. Maintaining a healthy weight and watching out for the exact number of calories is not that difficult anymore. One of the most popular trends of 2017 is the availability of wearable tech gadgets that allow you to keep a check on your heart-rate, calories you consumed and calories that you burned. Staying fit has become quite easy with contraptions such as FitBit, APPLE watch, or Garmin. All these devices keep a track on your daily activity and keep you informed about the exact number of calories that you burned during that activity. This check and balance works best with proper and steady workout routines. So, it is essential that you adopt a daily fitness routine. Sound sleep is extremely important for physical fitness as lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Another plus for some of these devices is that they also monitor sleeping patterns, informing you about the good, quality sleep you are getting every night.

Gut Health

Our modern lifestyle including the use of antibiotics, various diets and stress have contributed in affecting our health. Researchers have revealed in the past few years that an unhealthy gut is responsible for many health conditions including diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, autism spectrum disorder, depression, diarrhoea, ulcers, or Crohn’s and colitis disease. To effectively deal with these conditions, you must rebuild a healthy gut by consistently maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet.


Losing weight can be arduous and long journey which can prove too stressful for many people. It can be really heart-wrenching when you put in a lot of effort and the inches and the numbers on the scales won’t budge. On top of that if you are doing it by taking out time from an extremely busy schedule, it can prove to be really depressing. That is why many new methods are being advertised though all may not prove to be so effective.

However, liposuction is one method that can give you a jump-start by helping you get rid of the extra pounds of fats. Although it is a surgical process, it is becoming quite popular all around the world. Doctors encourage over-weight and obese people to go for the drastic change so that they can start living a healthier life post-surgery.

It is important to take care of your health and fitness for longevity and happiness of your life.