5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin


We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of slapping chemicals on our faces in a bid for smooth, glowing skin. Rather, we are championing the movement of cold-pressed juices for clear skin.

You can collect as many expensive skin products as you like, but if you’re not eating and drinking the right stuff, your skin is going to give you away.

Cold-pressed juices have many magnificent health benefits which can result in a reduction of blemishes and skin that is much more luminous and clear.

Together we will explore 5 of the best cold-pressed juices for clear, healthy, and glowing skin. We like to call it glowing skin juice!

So, what actually is cold-pressed juice?

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin

Cold-pressed juice refers to the process in which the juice is extracted. A hydraulic press works to extract the maximum amount of juice possible from the fruit or vegetable.

That’s the press part, but what about the cold? It’s called cold-pressed because no heat is used in the extracting process. Therefore, all the nutrients and minerals of the fruit or vegetable being pressed remain intact.

Cold-pressed juices have risen to notoriety in recent years thanks to their astounding nutritional benefits, even though the process has been around for a long time.

All hail the comeback of cold-pressed juices!

5 of the best juices for clear skin:-

  1. Blueberry –

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin 

The humble blueberry is famously fabulous for being a glowing skin juice. Extensive research has been done on the powerful goodness of this tiny fruit, and the best thing of all? They taste sensational!

Collagen boosting

Research shows that the antioxidants contained within blueberries can protect our skin from wrinkles caused by exposure to sunlight.

Blueberries are also known to be rich in anthocyanins – a pigment with many health benefits; one being a natural sun protector for our skin.


Blueberries also have anti-inflammatory properties, which have the potential to cool down the angry red pimples that can come with acne.

Good for your gut

 Fibrous and jam-packed with minerals, blueberries are widely loved for being fantastic for your gut health, which in turn is imperative if you want skin that glows.

Helps to heal wounds

Our favorite little blue blobs are bursting with antioxidants, which are particularly useful for aiding in healing minor skin wounds.

Sufferers of acne and blemishes may have pimples that break the skin. Blueberries come to the rescue here, as antioxidants are extremely beneficial in helping the skin to heal. It’s easy to see why blueberry is one of the best juices for clear skin.

  1. Carrot

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin

We all know the old wives’ tale that eating carrots helps you see in the dark. Now we can’t vouch for the legitimacy of that claim, but we can safely say that carrot juice is one of the best juices for your skin.

Why not try LittleWest’s Sunrise juice? It’s full of carrots and other nutritious delights!

Vitamin A

One of the greatest vitamins for skin health is vitamin A. This wonderful vitamin contains properties that help to keep your skin moist and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Our old friend vitamin C is very useful for boosting collagen levels and protecting our largest outer organ – the skin – from UV damage from the sun.

A word of warning: remember moderation when drinking carrot juice. If you go overboard and drink too copiously, you may actually turn orange!

  1. Ginger –     

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin

Unsurprisingly, ginger makes the list of 5 cold-pressed juices for clear and healthy skin. Brimming with fiery flavor and fibers, ginger juice is sure to liven up your tastebuds and wake your body from its stupor!

Asia has known the unbelievable nutritional power of ginger for millennia, a power it seems the Western world is only just waking up to.

Time for us to catch up and give ginger the reverence it deserves! Worship this wonderful root with LittleWest’s Gingersnap juice, it’s a powerful brew.

Healing properties

 Similar to blueberries, ginger contains wonderful properties – including antioxidants – that help our skin to heal from minor damage, making it a force of good for our skin health.


Ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, again helping to reduce painful swelling caused by blemishes and acne.

  1. Celery –

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin

Somewhat stringy, crunchy, zesty: you may or may not be a fan of the visceral texture of a stick of celery.

If you fall into the latter, you’ll be happy to know you can still ingest the nutritious qualities of celery through cold-pressed juice form.

Check out LittleWest’s Deep Detox Juice Cleanse Kit, it’s got a whopping 4 celery juices! Alternatively, this LittleWest Celery juice is a good way to start if you just want to try it out.


Another source of antioxidants, celery also offers skin protection and wound-healing help.


Celery contains zinc, a nutrient that has been widely researched in its benefits for skin health.

In fact, zinc has been used as a topical acne treatment since the 1970s, celebrated for its potent anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Pomegranate –

5 Cold-Pressed Juices for Glowing Skin

Oh, the wonders of pomegranate. Beautiful to behold, delectable to eat, amazing for your body, and great for your skin, we just had to include this superfood among the list of the best juice for clear skin.

Like the others, the incredible pomegranate fruit is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that we know are advantageous for our skin health. But what other special qualities does this jewel possess?

Anti-skin cancer

Research shows that Tannin, alongside other properties of the pomegranate fruit, is an effective agent against skin cancer.

The compound of tannin in particular boasts cancer prevention qualities, having an anti-tumor effect.

Pretty amazing right?

So, we’ve taken you on a brief foray into the world of the best cold-pressed juices for clear skin, or as we like to call them: glowing skin juices! We hope you feel equipped to explore the bountiful benefits of cold-pressed fruit and vegetables and help your skin to glow starting from the inside.

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