When to Worry about Creatinine Levels

All Know About The Creatinine Levels

Here are the situations when one desires to “fear” approximately creatinine degrees:

  1. You don’t recognize your creatinine levels at all
  2. When creatinine values are very excessive, and dialysis is needed
  3. When creatinine stages are above every day for a long time
  4. When creatinine values are growing rapidly


You don’t recognize your creatinine levels at all

This might be the situation that issues the most. In this situation, the patient hasn’t carried out the test and doesn’t know about the creatinine values.

Kidney failure has no symptoms even upto last stage of CKD. So, until one is aware of one’s blood creatinine report, kidney failure might not be recognized until it’s far very advanced.

Does that imply that every healthy person needs to get a blood check for Creatinine regularly?

The answer to this is “NO.” But there are a few risk factors for kidney failure. People facing any of them must check their creatinine levels periodically.

What are these threat elements that need normal Creatinine checking out?

The most important ones are:

  1. Diabetes: even if it has been diagnosed lately
  2. High blood pressure


So each person with the above danger elements should virtually take a look at creatinine degrees regularly. How regularly? Generally, once a year should be enough. People with multiple chance elements or with already accelerated blood creatinine will need frequent extra tests.

It has occurred so usually that I have recommended Creatinine trying out for someone with those hazard factors and absolutely no signs, and they grew to become out to have high creatinine levels.

When creatinine stages are increasing unexpectedly

Creatinine levels can be ordinary or slightly abnormal for a long time and then start increasing rapidly.

Dialysis may also be needed, at least temporarily. Hence it’s important to look at a nephrologist when creatinine levels begin to push unexpectedly.

When creatinine tiers are above normal for a long term

A creatinine level above normal for more than three months means you are suffering from chronic kidney disease(CKD). This is a disorder that progresses over months, years, or even decades.

Hence routine checkup with a kidney expert (nephrologist) is needed, at least once in three months. Unfortunately, in the early stage, because creatinine levels aren’t dramatically abnormal, CKD is left out until it’s too late.

Avoid doing this and take most care within the early stage because this can slow the progression in the long run.

When creatinine levels are very excessive, and dialysis is needed

Higher the Creatinine lesser the kidney function. Creatinine levels alone don’t determine when dialysis can be needed. So, a person with a creatinine level of four mg/dl may additionally want dialysis, and another man or woman with eight mg/dl may not. However, in a given affected person, the likelihood of dialysis increases as creatinine levels increase.

What are the changes in creatinine levels due to kidney failure?

When there is a rise in blood urea level along with creatinine in which the level of creatinine is above 3, that situation describes that the kidney has been damaged between 60 to 70 percent.

If your creatinine level is increased to three, plus you have a urea problem, connect with a nephrologist without any further delay.

What to do if someone has high Creatinine?

Take some important steps for protecting your kidney when you have high creatinine levels in the blood. A few things that your doctor can endorse are:

  • A healthy lifestyle must be followed
  • Changes in your current diet plan to avoid any type of stress at the kidneys
  • An explosive exercise have to be avoided
  • Supplements like creatine or a high intake of protein should be absolutely avoided.


To prevent kidney damage, it’s important that you manage your overall health conditions that may affect kidney work. Taking the ayurvedic treatment for creatinine levels sooner will help you feel better.

Ayurvedic treatment for high Creatinine to convey life again on target

According to Ayurvedic concepts, there are three doshas within the human body – Vata, pitta, Kapha. The deprivation of these doshas causes all diseases. A kidney disorder is caused because of the disturbance in pitta doshas.

High Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda has some specific herbs that directly or indirectly affect the kidney functions to cure creatinine problems and allow in getting better again.

Diet and certain physical activities play an important role in maintaining blood creatinine levels inside the body. Although Ayurveda assists in treating creatinine levels still it is recommended to maintain protein consumption within the endorsed range for age and activity level because protein has creatine, which later breaks down into Creatinine. Ayurvedic medicine for Creatinine is completely natural and has no harmful effects on the body.

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