Everything you need to know about caring for your newborn while in public

There was once a cardinal rule for parents that you’re supposed to wait at least several weeks before taking their babies outside after birth. Unfortunately, medieval times seem to have returned!

Having a newborn out in public may not be the best idea, especially during the current pandemic. Medical professionals might also urge you to not take out your infant somewhere for the first two to six months following their birth, just to be cautious so that your infant will remain in good health.

You may ask, what about the parents or guardians who need to get out of the house? How do they get out to run errands or pick up essentials like baby diapers, family basics, or simply maintaining their mental health? 

Let’s talk about a baby’s needs like, when is it safe to bring your baby out, and how to prepare for when you go out in public.

Things to ensure the safety of your newborn while out in public

a.  Transportation

Carry your newborn in a baby carrier, or carry your baby in a stroller, or a baby sling. Regardless of how you choose to transport your newborn, you do want to ensure that your baby is safe from the sun. And if it is cool outside, a cover can be placed over the carrier or stroller as well.

b.  Consider feeding time

It would be best to feed your newborn right before heading out. You want your newborn to be as content as they can be. Bringing a newborn out in public can already be stressful. As newborns need to be fed every few hours, make sure to have extra feeding supplies on hand.

c.   The weather

If the weather is warm, your baby may not require as many layers of clothing. However, if the temperature is higher, cover the baby with a light blanket or a shade to protect them from the sun. It is recommended that sunscreen can be applied to babies that are six months and older.  If it’s cold outside, try to add an additional layer of clothes and a nice thick blanket to keep them warm.

d.  Baby essentials

If you’re not going far from home, you probably won’t need to pack much.  A few diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and a bottle would do. However, if you’re traveling a long distance from home, it’s not a bad idea to bring a diaper bag or a small backpack with essentials such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes or two, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, a blanket, and some toys to keep your baby entertained. Diaper bags or small backpacks will certainly fit on or under the stroller.

Precautions to take with strangers

When taking a newborn out in public, be prepared to politely decline any strangers wanting to extend their hands or kiss your baby. I mean who doesn’t love a new baby? But as parents, we must protect our precious cargo from any sort of germs.

When it comes to taking your baby outside, always be cautious where you take your baby and who your baby may be around. Sometimes people can be sick and not be aware of it until they start showing symptoms. So, it’s best you keep your little one home for the first several months of their lives. If you need to get out of the house, go for a walk outside or maybe even go to your local park that has a trail.

Take your time

As your infant grows quickly before your eyes, take the first few months to nurture and bond with your baby. Read them books, sing to them, and enjoy them while they’re little. Because, in due time, you’ll be chasing your little one around the park and pushing them on a swing, and constantly telling them not to touch dirty things. So sit back and enjoy all the sweet memories.

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