Your checklist when planning a party

It is finally new years, and we bet you have already been to and have received a ton of invites from your friends and family members to attend the party that they are throwing. Going to parties can either be great and fun or could also get super boring. You might even feel like a misfit, and there might be a lot of things you might notice and wish them to not exist. That should not give you a reason not to host a party yourself? Being a guest at a party might be an easy thing to do, but a more daunting yet fun task would be to throw your party.

If you are up for the challenge, you have stumbled upon the right place. Here is your checklist for planning the perfect party for your friends and family. Keep in mind that the best part would be for you to be able to plan everything as per your personal preference like hiring good catering Sydney. With all the parties you have been to, you can easily distinguish the best from the not so great ones and what is it that makes a party worthwhile and interesting. Be sure not to repeat the same mistakes you might witness at some parties and instead gather some inspiration on how your party could be the absolute best and memorable for all.

Budget plan

First things first, you need to create a budget. There is no party if you are not able to establish a foundation of all the expenses you could incur. Make sure you write down every detail and the costs for it. By this, we do not mean that you would need to set aside a ton of money to carry out a high-end party. You can have an equally fun and exciting party, even on a low budget.

Your overall budget for the party consists of a few main factors, which include; venue, number of guests invited, food, and decoration. Set a weighted percentage to every factor that you might think has the most priority or the thing you would like to invest in the most. You will need to keep in mind that everything may not exactly go according to your budget. There may be a few miscellaneous costs involved, and your budget might slightly differ from what you anticipated, it may not be precise, but it is still equally important to create before planning any event/party.

Task designation 

Decide whether you would be hosting the party alone, or you were willing to get some friends on in this too. Both options are just as good and have their pros and cons attached to it. Asking your friends to collaborate with you gives you the biggest advantage of cutting your costs by splitting the budget. You could designate separate tasks and roles to every friend or family member with you on this party, based on their experience and expertise.

For instance, one of your friends could look after the food while the other is in charge of the decorations. This way, you will get the best out of everything, and you will also not need to deal with the stress of having everything done perfectly and on time. It is always a good idea to get some help involved. However, too many cooks spoil the broth. The more people you might have hosting the party, the more disagreements you might encounter. If you want to keep up with the strong, friendly ties, you might need to think about this option.


How many guests would you be willing to invite at your place? Also, consider if you are targeting a specific market of audience. You may be meaning to invite only your high school friends or even host a party strictly limited to close family and friends. Ensure you are well aware of the number of guests that would want and be willing to show up.

Drop a message or send out party invites beforehand, wait for confirmation, and then create a list of all the ‘confirmed’ guests that you wish to invite. You would need to know the number of people showing up for you to prepare favors and treats accordingly. Call back and check on those who still did not give you a clear answer, so your list is as precise as possible.


What is a party without the food involved? Let us face it; you will have a ton of people who are coming mainly and strictly for the food only. It is your job not to let them down. The food is the life of the party and is something your guests are going to comment about when the party is over. So ensure you have the best table of food set up.

Consider if you would be serving everyone with a welcome drink or not. If yes, remember to keep the season of the party in mind. Punch in the summers and hot chocolate or coffee in the winters is the perfect way to kickstart a party. Think about the kind of snacks you would want and the number of items on the menu. Usually, most party planners prefer finger food, so there are no issues in clean up later. You can prepare the food by yourself, get it catered, or even ask your friends to handle the food for the party.


The next things you need to have planned out are the activities for your guests. If you have a mixed pool of ages coming to your party, create a list and categorize your guests into age groups accordingly. Then think of separate activities for every age group, so everyone is entertained and not left bored.

If you plan to party with just a bunch of friends and class fellows, you can skip this step. Think about all the games you could have at your party. Consider whether they all need to be indoors based or if you could also incorporate a few outdoor activities. Make sure these games are harmless and do not cause you trouble after the guests have left.


Parties look great, especially if they are well-organized and decorated. Are you planning on setting a specific theme for your party? There are several themes you could choose from, from a movie and character-based parties to season based parties, they all vary, and you can pick one as per your personal preference. After you have a set theme, you would need to ensure the little details all reflect on the theme you chose.

That includes some of the food items; your activities planned, and even your attire. To get into the party spirit, you have to have everything top-notch while everything seems synchronized to your theme. Talk about setting an aesthetic standard for everyone to witness.


Creating a checklist before your party could save you from a lot of trouble and chaos. You would not want to experience any last moment of unfortunate happenings. Therefore it is better to plan everything so you do not forget anything or miss out on tiny details that could tie the entire party together and make the most out of everything.

These are just a base for some of the things that are essential when it comes to throwing a party. Everything comes down to you and how you want things to be customized. Consider this as a form of inspiration for hosting an iconic and memorable party.

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