Why Diabetic Foot Care from a Podiatrist Is Important

Apart from regular manicures, pedicures, and other grooming practices, one needs to take care of one’s health and body, especially if one is suffering from an illness such as diabetes. It is a blood glucose disorder that results in anomalies in the production of insulin in the body. The amount of insulin produced in the body acts significantly in many processes of our body.

Diabetes can cause many foot-related problems. So, it is important to have a professional take care of that for you.

In this post, we are going to discuss why you need a professional for foot care. You can also check out the best podiatrist in your area to secure an early appointment.

Who Is A Podiatrist?

A podiatrist or a podiatric physician handles the diagnosis and treatment of issues of the foot, ankle, etc. He has relevant knowledge and training to diagnose ailments and come up with ideal treatment.

Now, we will get back to our main question.

Why Diabetics Need Podiatrist

Before we delve into the reasons why diabetics need a podiatrist, it is best to know who a podiatrist is.

The production and distribution of insulin in the body affect many functions. In the case of diabetes, there are two main ways it affects the feet:

  • Poor blood circulation leading to delayed healing
  • Loss of sense due to nerve damage

Blood Circulation In Foot

Overall poor blood circulation throughout the body has dire consequences to the feet. This leads to delayed healing of cuts and wounds in the foot, which may cause discomfort in the short term and other complications in the long run.

If you are looking for indications of poor blood supply in the foot, notice pain or cramps in the back of the legs while walking.

However, these are not the only causes of poor circulation in your feet. Diabetics feel pain and cramps when blood vessels get clogged up due to fat accumulation inside.

These are the main causes for such issues:

  • Elevated Blood Glucose Level
  • Pronounced Blood Fats
  • Tobacco Smoking

Suggestions For Improving Blood Circulation In Diabetics

These pointers will be helpful in getting better blood circulation.

Keeping tabs on:

  • blood fat index
  • Daily Exercise
  • Amount of tobacco smoking

Further, it is ideal for diabetics to get their feet checked by a good foot doctor once every year.

Nerve Supply In Foot

A nerve or a neuron is the basic unit of the nervous system in our body. It creates a network of receptors and sensory signals throughout so that we can feel pain and do something about it. In diabetes, the feet are often the most affected for nerve damage.

In severe cases, patients face episodes of numb or painful feet. Small cuts and wounds are not felt by one even when they would turn into ulcers. This situation is worrisome especially for those who have long bouts of numbness because they would not know if there is even a wound.

Suggestions To Avoid Nerve Damage

These include;

  • Avoid going barefoot on uneven surfaces
  • Choose comfortable shoes
  • No-open toed shoes
  • Avoid extreme hot and cold places for feet
  • Keep checking for signs and symptoms of wounds and cuts

Daily Foot Care Regimen

Apart from seeing a podiatrist each year for a thorough check-up, it pays to set aside some time on a regular basis for self-examination. Since feet are the ultimate conveyance that takes us places, you should not take this routine lightly.

Here are some pointers to help you take care of your feet.

  • In the morning or in the evening, make sure to examine the surface of your feet. See a foot doctor immediately if there are signs of swelling, cuts, or redness
  • Washing can be great therapy for the feet. Make sure you draw a soothing bath for feet and keep them soaked for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, dry them with a soft cotton cloth or towel, especially between the toes, and apply some moisturizer
  • For excesses moisture between your toes leading to the production of burns, use methylated spirits but only after consulting a doctor

Foot care is essential for normal people. But for diabetics, it is essential to take good care of their feet and see a foot doctor whenever they feel or see something out of place. Other than that, sticking to a daily routine of foot care helps in keeping going forward. We have listed some of the tips for your convenience. Make sure you follow them for a better life.

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