5 Amazing CBD Strains That Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Cannabidiol is the second most abundant element of the Cannabis plant. It is a go-to remedy for many problems. CBD gained enormous publicity in recent days because of its multiple advantages on the health of the people. CBD is preferred over THC products since it imparts a non-toxic influence on people. Because of no psychoactive effects, it has found many applications in the medical sector. CBD is considered the best remedy for anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and stress. 

The Cannabis plant has many strains which deliver the high effects of the cannabis extracts. The three strains of Cannabis are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. CBD Strains are those strains that are exceptionally high in CBD and hold maximum benefits. The CBD Strains are new yet demanded in the market for their much higher effects than the other CBD and THC products. Choosing one strain out of CBD Strains in the market is a difficult job. Here we have listed five amazing CBD Strains that can improve the quality of your life.

1, Harlequin

Harlequin is a Sativa-derived marijuana strain that has both CBD and THC concentrations in the Ratio 5:2. The balanced ratio of CBD and THC makes it a suitable Strain for treating pain and anxiety. CBD invalidates the delusional effects of THC. With no sedative effects, this strain is highly beneficial and efficient in relaxing the mind. It also tackles anxiety and establishing focus. Harlequin also helps to boosts your sex life and ensures you do not lose confidence. You can take this strain at any time of the day as it does not make you feel sleepy. Harlequin comes in two exquisite flavors of musk and mango. Harlequin is not the choice for someone expecting a heavy body high as it induces clear-headed and pleasant effects.



ACDC is one of the highly used CBD strains for medicinal purposes. With this strain, you can enjoy the benefits of the Cannabis plant without getting stoned. ACDC is a cross of Cannatonic and Ruderalis. It has the highest levels of CBD, the ratio of CBD and THC being 20:1. The concentrations of Indica and Sativa are the same. The dominating CBD saves the user from the side effects of THC and provides the calming effects of the cannabis plant to the patients. With no intoxicating effects, it is considered a 100% Natural form of Therapy. ACDC is the most liked strain to treat mild pain and anxiety. It also reduces arthritis pain, neuropathic and chronic pains. ACDC is also known to cure epilepsy, seizures and showed positive effects for Parkinson’s disease. It has a sweet flavor with a pinch of citrus. 


3, Cannatonic

Cannatonic is known as the ‘CBD Queen’ who played a significant role in the CBD movement. It led to the birth of the CBD revolution. As the name may mislead you, it does not have any catatonic effects. Instead, it makes you feel relaxed with its mixed aroma of earthy and citrus smell. This strain has a minute difference in the levels of CBD and THC with a ratio of 5:1. Cannatonic is an ideal choice for someone looking for the high effects of the cannabis plant, along with the meek euphoria caused by THC.  Its effect lasts for 10 minutes which takes away your physical, mental, and emotional pain. Cannatonic has won several awards, including the Cannabis Cup Award for the best CBD concentrate.  It offers a taste of pine and citrus with a tangy sweetness.


4, Pennywise

Pennywise was the name of the horrifying character of the book Stephen King. Though, nothing is terrifying in taking this strain. Its actual name derives from its parents Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. It is a hybrid with the dominance of Indica, the ratio of Indica and Sativa being 70:30. This Indica based strain gives you pleasant yet soporific effects of Cannabis. Pennywise has analgesic properties which makes it useful for many medicinal uses rather than recreational purposes. This strain makes you high as it has an equal ratio of CBD and THC. Post taking this strain, you will feel calm and in a light mood. When you take Pennywise within minutes, Indica starts to show its sedative effect. Take Pennywise after evening as it makes you feel sleepy. It has a peppery, lemon, and coffee-like taste.


5, Hammer shark

Hammer shark is another Indica dominant hybrid with equally high levels of CBD and THC. These strains are spectacular and resistant to diseases and pests. Hammer shark strains are of high quality. They are easy and quick to grow and cultivate, which makes them the ideal plant to harvest. Hammer shark strains have purple and green hues. This strain can lure you with its sweet mixed taste of earth and pine. It is robust and has a bulky structure which helps in bringing a large yield of the plant. It gets large flowers with a pleasant fragrance. This strain has a fruity aroma. The relaxing effect of this strain can help people trying to build focus and meditation. Also, with the spark of THC, you can experience ecstasy in your whole body. An unusual playfulness and creativity will stick to you the entire day.



Cannabis has strong healing effects. Those who want to take the maximum benefits of the plant should go for the high CBD Strains. There are plenty of CBD strains in the market like Sunday Scaries that offer no psychoactive effects with no existent THC. They churn out the physical and mental tranquillity. The Ratio of CBD and THC affects the functionality of the strain. Before you rush into buying a CBD Strain, check the levels of the concentration. Pick the one which is suitable and comfortable for your health and symptoms. Cannabis is under research for its therapeutic uses that are tried and tested for problems like anxiety. Always take the advice of your healthcare provider before excessively using Strains to treat such health problems.

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