Is Sweating a Ton Means You Have Done a Good Workout?

So, the other day, I was working out in my gym when I noticed a guy at some distance cycling. He was drenched in his own sweat. It was so bad that sweat was dripping on the equipment. He had switched off the nearest cooling fan and also was wearing a jacket over his workout clothes. This was weird; hence I asked him to cool himself down or else he will feel dehydrated. To my surprise, he gave me an information I was unaware of. He said the more he sweats, the more weight he losses. The entire scenario really made me feel gross, and I just could not bring myself to go near any of the equipment that day. 

This is not the only person I have seen doing this. Over my workout years, I have noticed several people focus on sweating more to lose weight during workouts. So, this got me thinking that is there any truth in their belief? 

What is Sweat?

Sweat is gross. We all agree on that for sure. But let us understand how does it really help the body. When your body gets too hot, and the core temperature rises beyond what is considered healthy, sweat glands squeeze drops of moisture onto the surface of your skin. As the air hits the droplets, they evaporate and take body heat away. This process continues till you cool down to a safe temperature.

You can sweat when you are outdoors, and it is hot. You can also sweat when you are in an air-conditioned room and working out, which makes you hot.

So, does sweating during a workout really help you lose weight?

You can Get a Good Workout Session Even Without Sweating:

Burning calories during working out is not really dependent on how much you sweat. Imagine you run 10 miles on a hot day outdoor, you will sweat heavily as your body gets hot. Doing the same 120 miles on a treadmill would mean less sweat. Running 10 miles during winter means almost nil sweat, but your workout level is the same, and the calories burnt will be the same. The production of sweat is merely due to the fact your body is hot. It is an indication of higher calorie burn.

Is There a Connection Between Sweat and Weight Loss?

Sweating a lot can definitely make you lose weight, but it is water weight that you lose which is only temporary. As you drink a glass of water, the weight comes right back. There is no link between sweat and weight loss. The sweat glands are only there to keep your body temperature in the desirable range. 

The Bottom Line- Workout in a Comfortable Environment:

As seating has nothing to do with losing weight, it makes no sense to put yourself through the discomfort. Standard gyms like Fitness gym Dubai maintain optimal air conditioning temperature to let their members work out in a comfortable environment. Next time when you over sweat while working out, instead of being happy about losing weight, enjoy the fact that your body is healthy, functioning fine, and helping you cool down naturally.

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