Electric Wheelchair – Helping Patients With Spinal Issues Move Better

Independence is all about being on your toes and living life your way. One of the most sought after things for people with disabilities is being on their own. While manual wheelchairs provide an alternative to this problem, they don’t resolve the issue altogether. Disabled people wish to take complete control of their movements. The only way that offers independence to the specially-abled population is the use of power wheelchairs. Along with this, the device proves to be a miraculous invention for the spinally injured people. Not only does it permit flexible waist movements, but it also makes variable terrain motion possible.

With electric wheelchairs by your side, you can easily lift your movement in a hassle-free manner. Keep reading to know why you need a power wheelchair for your daily needs today.

Adjust The Position Based On Comfort

With the spinal injury, the most crucial thing to maintain is your posture. While sitting, you can’t bend too much as that will exaggerate the pain. Using an electric wheelchair can be a great idea for customizing your positions. You can move the chair as per your comfort and find the right position. Not to forget, the cushioning makes sitting in your favorite posture even more relaxing. You don’t have to make a single effort to modify the position. All you need to do is press the position change button and adjust the chair accordingly. One of the best features of this electric wheelchair is the tilt and recline one. With this by your side, you can recover from the after-effects of an uncomfortable position within seconds.

Another crucial aspect that you must keep in mind with the injury is trunk control. You must be able to have full control over your back and trunk region. Electric wheelchairs take full care of your abdomen as well as back by installing suitable cushioning.

Move As Far As You Want

For the specially-abled people, traveling for a longer distance on their own can be an overwhelming task. With power chairs, you can travel as far as you want to. Don’t worry about getting tired or longer distance as electric wheelchairs provide optimum comfort. If you’re suffering from spinal cord injury, you must fetch the right electric wheelchair to make the most of your everyday life. You don’t have to take favors anymore. Just grab your wheelchair and get going on your adventures.

Occupies Less Space & Turns Easily

Wheelchairs offer optimum mobility and allow you to travel longer distances. But, the real test for a wheelchair is turning around smoothly whenever required. Electric wheelchairs provide front or center wheels that permit turning in a comfortable manner. That way, you don’t have to make many efforts while changing the road. Also, it occupies a lesser turning radius and space. Not only will this provide comfortable movement, but it also gives better safety against road accidents. With better maneuverable features, these wheelchairs are a must-have for all the spinally disabled people out there.

Move-In Multiple Terrains With Ease

While using manual wheelchairs, moving on rough terrain can be a daunting task. One of the most common injuries that occur in such terrains is the dental one. That’s when dental sedation comes to the rescue of the specially-abled people.  With proper doses of sedatives, you can easily recover from the dental injuries caused due to manual wheelchairs. However, you must find a permanent solution to this issue. One such sorted solution is using electric wheelchairs. Such devices provide the ability to change the wheel type in variable terrains. That way, you can switch to different terrain mode within seconds.

Rear-wheel drive provides the best support to the spinally challenged people. In this, the large wheel takes over the whole of the chair and a small caster controls the back of it. With this, you can comfortably counter absolutely any terrain. In case you feel any discrepancy, you can switch to the center wheel drive to counter the obstacles smoothly. It completely changes the center of gravity and thus, allows better management of the hurdles in your path. Limit external injuries by using the relaxing electric wheelchairs over the simple ones.

Say No To Making Efforts

Often, the spinally injured people are in no position to make efforts and spend much energy. This is because of the weakness related to nerves which limits bone movement. In such a situation, the person is bound to limit himself at a single place. However, with electric wheelchairs, you can change this instantly. These power chairs are a great way to move without making any effort at all. All you need to do is charge the chair and travel as much as you want to.

You can conserve your energy for other activities that keep you fit and socially active. Not only will this make you interact well with others, but also eradicate the inferiority complex or mental troubles.

Better Safety & Precautions

Here’s another reason why you need to grab the electric wheelchairs today. As compared to the manual ones, they offer greater safety and comfort. Once the normal wheelchair starts to roll, controlling it can be next to impossible. Also, the fact that you can’t make many efforts to add to the issue. On the other hand, an electric wheelchair allows you better control and stops as soon as you press the button. Along with this, the chair prevents accidental rolling due to the power brakes and gears incorporated inside it.

Bottom Line

The ability to move around with ease is something very basic and available to everybody. But, with certain disabilities, it becomes difficult to carry out even normal activities. That’s when the need to grab an electric wheelchair creeps in. You can easily move as much as you want without caring about disabilities with a power wheelchair. Along with better movement, it provides the ability to turn around safely. You don’t have to worry about bending much as the chair will take care of everything. Get your favorite electric-powered wheelchair today and live the life you want.

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