Surprising Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction

It is a physical condition in which men are unable to get or hold their erection for enough time during sexual intercourse. It may happen to any individual. Actually, the lifestyle of today’s modern society has become so busy that a person does not get time to see himself personally.

burden of societal issues adds on to increase stress and depression which further results in these types of problems. Ignoring ED is equally a big problem like having ED.

But using drugs like Fildena, Vidalista 20, and Cenforce 100mg from Arrowmeds with proper medical guidance can be handy in such a situation. Although using medicine alone cannot help you all the way, adapting to a healthy lifestyle along with proper self-watch is a must for an ED patient.


Following are the 10 surprising facts about Erectile Dysfunction:

1. Erectile Dysfunction can happen to any individual

Though you feel that it is only you who are facing this problem, do not worry men you are not alone. According to research, 1 out of 10 men will have to face ED at some point in their life.


2. It not always happens due to mental cause

According to most of the cases, ED due to mental causes is more than ED due to physical reasons.

It is quite obvious depression, anxiety and stress lead to ED but not at all times, sometimes it is the physical conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, low testosterone level, atherosclerosis disease and Peyronie’s disease which leads to ED.

Cenforce, Vidalista 20, and Fildena 100 are the drugs that are manufactured after looking at all the elements that cause ED.

These tablets are widely accepted tablets to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

The store comes up with hassle-free home delivery along with special coupons and offers.


3. Age is Not a Number for Having ED

While you might have been thinking that only older individuals have been facing this problem but this is not the matter. Research shows that the per cent of ED has now also increased in men under 40 from 15% to 26%.


4. Lifestyle that you are living matters

The thing which most people don’t know is that lifestyle imparts a major effect on sexual life. Living a proper healthy life with a properly balanced diet can help you in avoiding many deadly diseases but most people don’t know the importance of a healthy diet.


5. Most men who are assuming it is ED but sometimes it is not an ED

It is quite normal in older individuals that they suffer from Erectile Dissatisfaction than Erectile Dysfunction; it means it becomes harder for them to get an erection and enjoy sexual intercourse. It is not impossible for them but it becomes quite frustrating and difficult at that age.


6. Low testosterone levels are not the cause always

It is the biggest myth that ED only happens to those who have low testosterone levels but blaming it in every case is not correct. Sometimes

thinking too much about the situation also worsens the situation. It can affect your sexual desire but it has nothing to do with ED. ED mainly depends on the blood flow to our private area.


7. Having too much sex doesn’t lead to ED

People having little knowledge can think it can happen if you spend too much time on sex but the fact is that it can be a result of different various causes and medical conditions.


8. It is not the end of your relationship if you are facing ED

Although Erectile Dysfunction is a frustrating medical condition to be in, it is not the end of the world for anyone. Through positive communication with a partner and the right treatment, you can easily eradicate the ED. Remaining positive about your relationships helps in removing stress and anxiety which also leads to a solution to the problem.


9. Sometimes ED acts as an alarm for other dangerous medical conditions coming

ED is regularly the first caution signal of extra extreme health troubles, like heart ailment and diabetes. That makes it particularly vital to peer your doctor to find out what is inflicting your ED. If some other medical situation is responsible, treating it can enhance your general fitness—and your sexual function.


10. Solution is not only in the single pill

Sometimes we have to deal with potential problems more responsibly, taking a pill and thinking it will cure your illness is not okay when you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, it’s just like you exercise, but your fast food is not missing.

Medicine is not the magical power that will give you results if you are not dedicated to yourself. Doing exercise and reducing a few pounds can also help in reviving sexual health.


Acquiring a proper healthy lifestyle will be a perfect start for the eradication of ED from society. Medication is helpful at advanced stages but individuals have to give attention to themselves first for its proper removal from the roots.


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