8 Health and Fitness Benefits of BJJ for Men

Martial arts is not just limited to self-defense and basic combat. It is a complete lifestyle, starting from the diet to discipline. Even if you miss a single constituent of martial arts, you will see a huge impact on your overall life. Most people when talking about the benefits they just talk about the fact that you will be able to fight when needed. There is no doubt about that. You will not only be able to fight properly. But you will also be able to read and sync according to the opponent. Unlike other combat-based sports, BJJ requires a lot of discipline.

This is one of the main reasons parents used BJJ to help their kids adopt a well-disciplined lifestyle. Apart from kids, women also love BJJ. The main reason is that BJJ favors the small size and flexible body. No matter how much weight you have, if you have mastered all the basic techniques. You will be considered a good enough fighter. Where other combat-based games rely on strength. BJJ is all about using the best opportunity and best time for your favor. If you miss the chance or if you are unable to cash the scenario. This will eventually become an issue for you and you will lose the game.

As we have discussed kids and women already. It is very important to shed some light on the health benefits for men. Most men with lean bodies are ignored and taken as weak. However, when it comes to BJJ, a lean body is a treasure. For the beginner who is not aware of the BJJ and its benefits. We have listed down some of the health and fitness benefits for men.

BJJ for Men

Health and Fitness Benefits of BJJ for Men

When we talk about exercise most people have so many health and fitness benefits in mind. However when it is something related to martial arts people have this misconception that there are no serious benefits for health and fitness. This notion is not true, martial arts is not just combat and self-defense. If we compare it to exercises, we will see that daily exercises are just one simple part of life. On the contrary, BJJ is a whole lifestyle that is linked with healthy life choices, diet, and even daily household chores as well.

Fat Loss

When you start BJJ, you will eventually notice visible differences in your body. You will lose fat and not only just fat, but you will also lose a lot of weight. According to most instructors within the first three months, most fighters lose so much weight that they feel they are sick. In short, when you keep your whole body moving, you will eventually shed a lot of fat. The soft body fat layer that gets accumulated right under the skin is used for performing all the activities that you might need to perform while learning the BJJ.

BJJ for Men

Muscle Gain

Most people, when they shed the fat, end up with saggy skin. Sometimes people even complain that their body has lost shape. However, with the help of BJJ, your body will not only lose weight but gain muscle. This muscle gain is not just limited to the upper body i.e. arms, chest, and shoulders but also the core. Overall, when you gain muscle, your skin tightens and your body looks more fit. Unlike bodybuilding where most people end up gaining weight on the core and forearms region, they start to look very disproportionate, in BJJ you will see that your body has a good shape.

Improvement in Body Flexibility

Body flexibility is very important for daily tasks. Most people link the importance of body flexibility only with better performance in martial arts. Whenever we try to understand the importance of flexibility, it is not limited to harsh activities. We see that even for performing simple daily activities we need flexibility. With the help of this flexibility, we can eventually perform all activities with ease without getting injured. Within BJJ most people wear protective guards but in real life, we never wear any protective guards. For normal people who do not exercise, we have seen that they experience back pain even if they lift a water bottle. With the help of BJJ training, you will be able to perform all heavy-duty tasks at home without fearing back pain.

Body Flexibility

Mental Health Improvement

As you start practicing BJJ daily, you will see that your mental health is improving. Mental health is usually linked with keeping your body active, thinking more, and looking for mindfulness. When a person starts practicing, he will not just limit himself to the basic technique and skills but also learn the strategy-making process. The strategy-making process is just like playing chess, it will keep your brain active and you will learn to read your opponent. Even in daily life, reading your opponent is very important which will eventually help you in your business, work, and even handling your home environment and building a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Maintenance of Blood Pressure

BJJ is a hardcore exercise that helps you sweat a lot and get your blood rushing. As the body will experience this stress test, again and again, it will use up all the blood cholesterol that might be in the veins and arteries and make the heart weak. Apart from this, the flexibility of the veins and arteries is also tested through this intense exercise process. Overall, this is a great way to keep the blood pressure under control. If you have a stressful job or if you are in your late 30’s you should start your BJJ training for better health.

Staying Active Throughout the Day

Feeling lethargic is very common because most people do not sleep on time and others have a caffeine addiction. To get rid of this issue, you need to work out every day right after getting out of bed. With BJJ you will opt for a habit of exhausting your body which will help you sleep on time and your body clock will sync with the natural clock. Apart from this, you will also see that your mind and body are going to sleep at the same time rather than making you feel restless.

Improvement in Sleep

Most people work corporate jobs where their body doesn’t get exhausted but due to extremely hard work, their mind gets very exhausted. As a result, they are unable to sleep properly and they even face issues regarding their sleep cycle. For someone with insomnia, sleeping issues are vital and they need to be addressed before they get worse. In this regard, BJJ daily workout has proved to be very effective. So many people claim that they have started sleeping well and on time. This includes the mitigation of restlessness as well as insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.

Improvement in Sleep


Due to the ongoing fast pace, most people do not notice simple changes in life. Apart from this, observing simple changes and appreciating these changes is also very important. As you will start to practice BJJ you will see your improvement and you will see that learning something new always brings joy. Apart from this, it is a proven fact that with better strategy making, the overall observation improves and this helps the person in learning new things and appreciating new things in life. According to a study conducted by the US journal of psychology, it was observed that people who perform exercises daily have a more optimistic view of life as compared to someone who doesn’t perform any physical activity.

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