Learning Martial Arts In Your 30s Isn’t Too Late

There is no age limit to learn martial arts. Many people think the late 20s and early 30s is the age when they should not be doing intensive work or exercise, especially martial arts. But the reality is there could not be a better age and your age should not be at all a hurdle in what you want to learn. The time when you want to learn martial arts is the best time for you. Even at your 50s, you can do that, but all you have to take care of are some precautionary measures.

Never make your age or time an excuse for what you want to do. Check with your doctor, get a complete physical check-up, let your doctor and trainer know of the past injuries, and other instructions are given by the doctor. Now, as we are clear on that. Let’s have a look at why you should be doing it in your 30s.

Learn new things

Do you think the 30s is not a good age to wear gloves and punching and getting hit? Don’t worry you are still good. If anything would be wrong, it would turn out in your medical tests. In fact, in our 30s we are more settled, open-minded, can understand things better, and adapt fast. Plus, you would not make defeat a hit on your personality, and respect would know how to focus and improve yourself. This is the best time to learn something like martial arts.

Expanding social circle

Because of our jobs and busy routine, we are cut off from our friends and stuck with colleagues. Busy routines have destroyed our social circle and social life. But martial arts can be a chance to change things and expand your social circle. You would see a lot of like-minded people in a martial art class. From engineers to doctors, health professionals, and more. Soon you will become more than friends and feel like having each other back. Being a part of such a community is more than enough reason to join.

Change your perspective

Still not willing to get into BJJ Gis, spats, or boxing and MMA shorts? Just try training for your favorite martial art for some time and you will start to see things differently. You will know that the world is not like how you perceived it to be. Whatever is keeping you confined and limited into a box is not worth it and martial arts can be a way to change that.

Get beautiful, lean physique

By now you might have realized that working out is something that you need. So why not try martial arts because it is a great workout and teaches you a lot of other important skills and lessons.

Earlier ages you might have drunk two cans of soda a day ate whatever you wanted, and as much as you wanted and didn’t get an inch of fat. But now our lifestyles have changed and because of sedentary tasks that bulged belly is starting to show up. Well, before it’s too late you should act on it. Even if it’s late, don’t worry because martial arts is one of the fastest, fun, and engaging ways to burn fat and get in shape. Or if you are skinny it is still a great way to strengthen the body, get lean mass, and many other things.

Realize the power you have

Studies have shown that we are not at the best creative ability in our 30s. But we still have it in there. Extracurricular activities like sports, martial arts, or even dancing can help you with many things. Getting rid of stress, anxiety, getting control over your mind, getting creative, better critical thinking etc. So, because of that, we get creative in our work life and the best thing is you won’t be putting an extra effort to do so.

Martial arts teaches you to be creative and come up with solutions fast. Our creative sides become more functional which helps in daily life as well as in career growth. It also makes us mentally and emotionally strong. You would be doing great self-improvement with martial arts.

Conclusion Martial art can give you back the lost power and energy. The benefits are endless but one thing’s for sure. If you keep on going and do things the right way, you will see a lot of helpful positive changes. With better mental and physical health you would have the ability and will to reach and do so much more.

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