5 Top Reasons to Consider Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings are becoming the most sought-after dental treatment for repairing teeth damage caused by cavities and decay. Many patients also prefer resin fillings as they are designed to resemble the natural white color of your teeth. Compared to other dental solutions, resin fillings have many notable benefits, such as reducing teeth sensitivity, being minimally invasive, and can solve several dental concerns, such as chips, cracks, cavities, and decay. Composite resin fillings do not contain mercury in other traditional dental treatments that cause long-term oral problems. In this guide, we will look at the five main benefits of resin fillings Bala Cynwyd.

Look and Feel like Natural Teeth

One of the notable benefits of considering composite resin fillings is that they are designed to look and feel natural. Unlike metal fillings that are more visible, resin fillings are hardly noticeable to provide you with a pleasant teeth appearance. Your dentist may also recommend composite resin fillings since they are designed using a flexible material that helps preserve your natural teeth structure. Resin dental fillings are perfectly blended with your natural smile.

Increased Tooth Stability

Composite resin fillings are firmly bonded to your natural teeth to help provide them with increased strength and stability. Resin fillings allow for a comfortable fit since your dentist will take an impression of your actual teeth to help create a customized dental filling. During installation, a strong bonding agent will be applied to your actual, and the resin filling will be carefully inserted. This bonding agent quickly hardens and bonds over your natural tooth to prevent your dental filling from becoming loose and slipping off.


Composite resin fillings can address dental concerns such as tooth cavities, decay, crooked, chipped, and cracked teeth. Resin fillings ensure that all tissues and nerves in your teeth remain covered and protected from damage. Compared to metallic dental fillings, resin fillings provide a safe alternative to treating various dental concerns as they are usually designed from non-toxic materials.

 Straightforward Procedure

Installing composite resin fillings is easy, and the bonding agent hardens quickly over your tooth, making this procedure as efficient as possible. Your dentist can also use infrared light to help accelerate the hardening process of the bonding solution once applied. Generally, the agent takes about forty seconds to apply and harden over your natural teeth. This is the ideal dental treatment for patients with busy working schedules.

Minimally Invasive

Compared to other dental treatments, composite resin fillings are less invasive because they require minimal removal of your enamel. Once the right amount of enamel is removed, the bonding agent is applied between the resin filling and your tooth for a firm, comfortable fit.

This helps prevent the risk of weakening your overall tooth structure linked to significant enamel extraction. Since this procedure involves minimal enamel extraction, your risk of increased teeth sensitivity is greatly reduced. The fillings also shield your teeth from exposure to cold and hot temperatures, which can increase your teeth sensitivity.

Contact your Dentist Today

Thanks to the various advancements in technology, various dental treatments can help restore the normal function of your teeth. Composite resin fillings are becoming increasingly popular due to their various advantages, such as repairing chipped teeth, whitening your teeth, filling gaps between your teeth, and many others. Get started today and book an appointment with your dentist to improve the appearance of your teeth using composite resin fillings.

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