Types of skincare products you must own

Have you been blessed with a vision from the skincare goddess? Did she ask you to stop ignoring your skin and give it some serious pampering? Well, she is not wrong, you know. If you wish to look beautiful truly, you need to follow a good skincare routine as well as work on your inner self. Now, with new skin products storming the shelves every day, it is honestly tough to figure out which skin products you can’t live without and which ones you can ignore.

To help you groom your skin to a soft and glowing state, we have come up with a foolproof plan. We are going to share the types of skincare products you need to fuel your skincare regime. This way it will be easier for you to sort through the ever-growing mountain of skincare available at stores. Let’s find out who our new skin warriors are.

Essentials for a cleansing ritual

So the best way to kick off a skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. Our favorite way to do that is the infamous Kbeauty trick which includes a cleansing oil and a milky or foamy or water or gel-based cleanser. This double cleansing method is just what you need to make sure that your skin is completely dirt/toxins free, and there are no makeup leftovers on your face.

Don’t believe in the myth that acne-prone skin or oily skin can react badly to a cleansing oil. As long as you choose the right oil according to your skin type, you are good to go. For the secondary cleanser choose one which won’t harm your skin’s moisture level. A creamy or milky cleanser will work well on dry or sensitive skin while a gel-based or foamy one will be ideal for oily skin. Make sure that your cleanser has natural ingredients and gently removes all the debris.

A skin-calming toner

Even though toner is casually ignored by many people, it is best to use it after cleansing. A good toner will not only help calm your skin but also restore the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to heal. Applying the toner will make your skin look fresh and vibrant. If your skin is acne-prone, a toner will help soothe away any redness or irritated bumps. If you have dry skin, a rosewater toner will be best while oily skin will thrive in glycerin-based toner. Combination skin is probably going to harmonize better with a toner that has Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Something for weekly exfoliation

Daily cleansed and toned skin is perfect, but there’s no denying that your skin needs exfoliation. Once in a week use of a good scrub will ensure that there is no dead skin buildup and all pores are clean and breathable. Quality exfoliating will ensure that your skin stays young for a long time and you don’t have to worry about getting wrinkles or lines anytime soon. Oily skins thrive best in a less creamy and more grainy scrub while dry skins need something lotion textured to remain hydrated. If you have super sensitive skin, go for good quality rice or oatmeal powder.

There’s no avoiding the moisturizer

Whether your skin is oily or dry or stuck as a combination of both, you need a good moisturizer. A moisturizer is very important to protect your skin not just from the harmful sun rays but also the environmental pollutants. Applying it on your skin as part of your makeup base will ensure that your skin remains damage-free. Make sure that the moisturizer you choose is not just natural or organic but also has a good SPF base. The rich, creamy texture will be best for dry skin while lightweight texture with skin-friendly plant extracts will be perfect for oily skin. You also need to make sure that your moisturizer has extremely less fragrance, no greasy finish and is paraben-free.

A good, healing night cream

Since moisturizers are for daytime, night creams are your best friends for the entire night. Look for something with high anti-aging or skin healing ingredients because overnight skin penetration is really good. Dry skin will need a night cream with superb skin hydration while oily skin is best left with an unclogging and moisturizing product.

Eye cream – avoid a not-so-attractive panda look

Since the area under your eye is very delicate, you need a separate cream to get rid of your dark circles. Look for something which is not just hydrating and skin lightening but also brings down the puffiness. Go for an eye cream with no fragrance and which is full of good antioxidants to avoid any allergic reaction.

There’s no ignoring a serum

Don’t forget to add a serum to your skincare products shopping list. A good serum is just what you need to heal your damaged skin in the best way possible as it has active ingredients. The serum is a healthy food your skin needs to battle conditions like excessive dryness, loose skin, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. Get a serum according to your skin type and problem and experience the best healing of the lifetime.

No skincare is complete without a mask

It might sound cheesy and over-emotional, but no skincare regime is complete without a good face mask. Using face masks is not just a spa thing but something you can easily do at home as well. It is not only relaxing but can help detoxify and replenish your skin perfectly. You can either go for a daily face mask or opt for a weekly pampering. A good face mask will also keep your face’s blood circulation top-notch, ensuring young skin.

Sunscreen – best skin protection

Amidst all other skincare products, don’t forget to get yourself a good sunscreen. It is essential that you not just rely on the SPF of your moisturizer and apply sunscreen when going outside. Daily use of it will not only help your skin stay protected from harmful UV rays but also ensure that there is no discoloration, wrinkles or roughness and freckles.


There, we have shared all the products you must have at your vanity table to have a fine, glam skin. Now you can easily have your very own reliable skincare routine which will make help you transform your skin into a healthy and radiant one; yes, you will love looking and feeling amazing. Not only that, a good skincare routine is the most perfect and easiest way to rock a no-makeup look without actual makeup. What are you waiting for now? Go get your skincare essentials for a beautiful you!

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