5 Healthy Snack Food Alternatives to Help Ditch Your Sugar Cravings

Who wouldn’t love a sweet treat or a mouth-watering dessert after every meal? 

Of course, if not all, almost everyone loves to indulge in their not-so-healthy sugar cravings.

However, no matter how common it is to think about sweet and pleasurable desserts or treats after a meal, this can somehow cause you to lose control of your blood sugar level [or blood glucose level].  

That’s the main reason why this article comes up with a short and quick list of healthy snack food alternatives to make it easier for you to fight your sugar cravings or any other cravings you might have. 

With that, get along with the next pages and find out how you can feed your cravings without risking a healthy diet only with the help of these healthy snack foods

Banana ice cream

Who would have thought in the first place that a banana can save you from your unhealthy sugar cravings? 

Whether it’s summer or not, you can rely on banana ice cream whenever you want – or whenever you feel that the temptation of your sweet cravings is summoning you.

In making this healthy snack food, you only need to combine and blend a couple of frozen bananas with yogurt, nut milk, and you can also add a healthy sweetener of your selection. 

A banana ice cream can instantly solve your cravings for sweets while not forgetting to provide you with lots of vitamins and useful nutrients found in its ingredients. 

Aside from that, just know that you can also make other versions of ice creams by using other fruits as your main ingredient. 

You can have strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, avocados, apples, oranges, you can also have some veggies like carrots, and more. 

Dark chocolate-coated strawberries

If you’ve been thinking of eating and savoring a sweet dessert, say no to that idea and try having dark choco-coated strawberries instead. 

You can choose whether to simply melt the dark chocolate to serve as a chocolate dip or sauce of the strawberries.

On the other hand, you can also melt the dark chocolate and dip the strawberries into it before putting it inside the fridge to set the chocolate coating. 

With this healthy snack food alternative, do you know that dark chocolate is a good source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc? 

Aside from that, the cocoa in it is rich in antioxidants designated as flavonoids. Flavonoids support in lowering the possibilities of asthma, cancer, heart illnesses, and stroke.  

Dark chocolate bars

It’s hard to fight your cravings and it’s even harder whenever you’re away from home, right?

Why? It’s because there’s a great chance for you to buy and have whatever is available on your way without minding your healthy diet or your health in general. 

When temptation or craving comes, fight it by choosing a bar of dark chocolate to eat or better carry a bar of chocolate with you as much as possible. 

Dark chocolates as healthy snack foods are a great alternative, especially that chocolates are considered as a major candidate for satisfying one’s sugar cravings. 

However, unlike other chocolates, dark chocolates are much healthier as it contains 70% more cocoa which is a good source of antioxidants. 

But remember to still put a limit when consuming a bar of dark chocolate as it still contains sugar and fat like those of the regular chocolates. 

Fruit smoothies

Curb your sugar or sweet cravings effortlessly by making yourself a fruit smoothie of your choice. 

Fruit smoothies are a great healthy snack food alternative as it’s not only rich in flavor but as well as packed with vitamins and nutrients.

You can easily keep up with both your cravings and healthy diet as the fruits are known to have sweet flavors without putting your healthy diet at stake. 

To add more texture and flavor to a fruit smoothie of your choice, you can blend it in with yogurt, honey, lemon, and you can even add some nuts of your choice.

Also, you might want to know that making smoothies with whole fruits is better than only using its juice. 

This is for you to get the ample amount of fiber the fruits contain. You can have blueberries, cherries, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, apple, peaches and more.

A single serving of broccoli

The last healthy snack food alternative on our list is the ever-healthy and nutritious broccoli. 

And yes, you can have a single serving of raw broccoli as your snack whenever you feel that your sweet cravings are just around the corner. 

How? Well, if you don’t mind knowing broccolis consist of a little amount of fructose which may help primarily if you’re craving for something sweet. 

Also, you may want to know that a single serving of raw broccoli is very low in calories which supports an effective natural weight loss. 

And there you have some of the best healthy snack food alternative ideas which you can rely on in times of your sweet or sugar cravings.

If you think that this article gives you helpful enlightenment then don’t think twice to let us know your thoughts by commenting below. 

Got more tips and ideas? Feel free to knock on our doors and let our readers know what you know.

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