Wellness Trends for the New Year


Just like everything else, health and wellness practices have gone through a transition in the last year due to the pandemic. We’ve all had to find different ways to take care of ourselves and to prioritize different aspects of our health. Several trends have emerged that will most likely dominate in 2021. Consider incorporating some of these into your lifestyle if you haven’t done so already.

Online Exercise Classes

The trend of carrying out online yoga and other exercise classes will continue into 2020. This offers advantages, the best being that you can do the class in the comfort of your own home. Most people prefer this, as it doesn’t involve crowded classes and dressing rooms. With the travel time you save, you can sign up for extra classes you didn’t have time for in the past.

Outdoor Workouts

Exercising outside of the house has also become very popular during the pandemic, and this will keep on this year. People are tired of spending so much time in their homes, and this is pushing them outdoors to do a lot of walking, hiking, running, and even camping. There’s been a big influx of visitors to national parks over the last few months. Backyard yoga has become a popular activity for those who live in houses.

Mental Health Care

The pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on the mental health of many people. It has probably affected everybody on one level or another. Rates of depression and anxiety are very high, not to mention general levels of stress. These are serious issues that require both medical and self-care. 

One trend in 2010 is towards ‘radical self-care’ which is the concept that you have to take care of yourself before you can adequately help someone else. This can translate into a number of different practices. One may be therapy, but others use different techniques like meditation, yoga, or mindfulness.  

Resetting Priorities

Since 2020 threw all of our plans out of the window and changed the landscape of our days, the new trend is to reset priorities for the coming year based on the current situation. People are not willing to continue on forever with their lives up in the air, so they are shifting their goals to fit the pandemic. Many people have started online ventures that suit the present circumstances. Others are involved in projects like writing a book or revamping their business for the pandemic. Naturally, some are focusing on self-care and health goals.

Mindfulness and Nutrition

Many people put on weight in the last year, staying at home with access to the fridge and often doing less exercise. Fad diets and carb-free regimens are out in 2021. Instead, people are using a more mindful approach to eating involving better meal planning and more focus on healthy ingredients. 

The idea is to focus on eating right without any particular diet in mind, and without any eating extremes like cutting carbohydrates or eating one food exclusively. Eat fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, whole grains, nuts, dairy, and other healthy items.

Skin Care

This year, simplicity is the way to go. Women are using less makeup because they are at home more than in the past. Similarly, skincare has become a lot simpler. Gone are the 12-step regimens of the past. 

Follow a simple 3-4 step routine in the morning and evening. This should include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Add an exfoliant 2-3 times a week and use a potent anti-aging serum if you think it’s necessary. This is more than sufficient to keep your skin healthy.

Community Care

As much as self-care has become a focus, there is also a huge movement towards community care which is expected in 2021. The pandemic has brought us an understanding that health is not just for one person or your family, it has to function on a community scale. People are beginning to think of how they can give back, and better support the people around them.


Making it through 2020 wasn’t easy, and it certainly set the stage for new ways of looking at health and wellness and some different trends for expressing our well-being in 2021. At Pure Living Yoga, we have an online platform that offers numerous live and on-demand classes for every level and mood. 

At Pure Living Yoga, we have an online platform that offers numerous live and on-demand classes for every level and mood. You can Contact Us on our website if you have any questions, or you can simply purchase a package and join us online.

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