6 Best Activewear Brands for Women

Finally planning to hit the gym, after the lockdown has eased, but don’t have a set of fitting workout clothes for women? Not to worry, we have you covered! With gym wear becoming the latest trendy apparel both inside and outside the gym, the demand for women’s gym clothes has increased exponentially. Albeit, the Covid-19 pandemic hit a damper on the workout routine of many people, now that the quarantine has ended, most gyms have re-opened their doors to fulfill your fitness needs. After such a long time at home, we bet you’d appreciate a guide that would help you choose which brand to trust with becoming your go-to store for all your gymming essentials. Keeping this in view, the list below comprises the top 6 activewear brands for women, each of which set the bar so high that you would not feel even a second of irritation during your workout.


The ideal workout partner that you can count on while performing any sort of exercise; SQUATWOLF’s collection of workout clothes for women will never let you down, whether you are hitting the gym or going for a light walk, SQUATWOLF gym wear is engineered to support and protect you throughout, making your workout worry-free and productive. Their line of women’s gym-wear titled ‘Wonder Woman’ is an immaculate collection of garments technologically engineered to be light-weighted, durable, and mobility enhancing, aiding you to be the best version of yourself while doing all sorts of exercises. Besides upgrading your workout routine, this line aims to empower you by boosting your confidence and making you feel good about your own body. Additionally, SQUATWOLF’s gym wear for both men and women consists of fabrics having various innovative features such as ‘Layer Drying Technology’ which is sweat-wicking, ‘Laser Cut Mesh’ which is highly breathable and durable, and the list goes on.


An eco-friendly brand that aims to provide all athletically out-going women with high-quality workout clothes and accessories. They have multiple fabrics, each designed to cater to your specific type of workout activity. Among these, the top three are ‘Textured Compression’ which is four-way stretchable material that moulds your body while wicking sweat, designed for activities such as sports and jogging; ‘CloudKnit’ that is an extremely breathable and highly comfortable line of garments, made for relaxed exercises such as yoga; ‘TerraStretch’ which is a flexible and crisp fabric designed to be lightweight and resistant to wind and water, perfect for activities such as trekking and hiking. Aside from producing women’s gym wear that takes care of your every workout requirement, Outdoor Voices also has your pet’s welfare and health in mind for which it has collaborated with WildOne to create a collection of toys, leashes, and collars.


A brand that criticizes the impossible beauty standards of today’s society, Beyond Yoga aims to promote fitness across females of all measurements by providing them with women’s workout clothes that instill pride in you for your physique. Their gym wear for women even includes a special category of maternity clothes that are aimed to help you stay fit during your pregnancy, whilst also providing the extra-needed support and protection. Furthermore, they are an eco-conscious brand that uses Bluesign certified fabrics, manufactured using waterless printing and recycled materials, in order to produce outstanding activewear.


Vie Active, a brand where the highest quality performance fabrics with stylish designs and stunning prints, lead to forming activewear that combines both chic looks with high functionality. Each of the articles from their line of workout clothes for women is meticulously designed while paying close attention to every seam, to guarantee the best workout experience. Their best fabrics include Compression, Merino Luxe, and Ultra Lush, all of which are odour-reducing, highly flexible, and temperature regulating, aiding you in performing any and all sorts of exercises.


If you are a regular gym-goer, ATHLETA is a brand that you must have come across at least once. They cover a vast range of products including women’s gym wear, athleisure wear, loungewear, and even swimwear. Their line of women’s workout clothes includes collections for each type of workout; ‘Supersonic Fabric’ for high-impact training, ‘PowerVita Fabric’ for activities like yoga and dances, ‘EuroLuxe Fabric’ for medium-impact exercises like jogging, and more so. ATHLETA aims to quench your thirst for fitness by creating activewear that lets you adapt to any sort of environment with ease.


Women’s workout clothes including leggings, tops, crop-tops, shorts, sweats, and jackets made from great quality compression fabrics that are both form-fitting and flexible, are the specialty of L’URV. Having a wide collection of beautiful pastel colors and intricate designs, L’URV produces women’s gym wear that is both highly effective during workouts, and aesthetic looking for your social media feeds.


It’s high time that you got yourself out of this pandemic-induced state of lethargy, and back to your daily workout routines. Hopefully, this list helps and motivates you to do just that, and to restart your regime there is no brand more reliable and well-grounded than SQUATWOLF, which is why it also tops this list.

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