What modern trends should photographers know in Asian Wedding photography?

Weddings are special occasions that should be treasured for years, and one of the best ways to do that is to capture the best moments with photography shots. When it comes to cultural significance, every culture values different things, and the same could be said about Indian cultures, which have a rich history, and people preserved to date. Hence, they show off their great traditions through grand wedding ceremonies with multi-day festivities. 

Whether it’s a Hindu, Sikh, or cross-cultural Indian wedding, an  Asian wedding photographer should not fail to capture all the significant parts of the ceremony and pre-wedding events. But with the changing technological scene in the wedding photography industry, photographers should expect to make changes to meet the new emerging trends and innovations. Let’s get to know what aspects can be done well with Asian wedding photography.

Drone Photography

The emergence of modern technology has made it ideal to utilize drones, especially in wedding ceremonies. With the aid of such devices, you can capture various and distinctive overhead shots of the couple to offer them a creative wedding portrait. In comparison to ground photography, an Asian wedding photographer in London should consider using drone photography to efficiently capture and record the wedding ceremony or pre-wedding events on a larger scale. 

Vintage style and Masked photography

Although the pandemic situations around the world have improved a lot, with many countries lifting social restrictions, it has become a great trend among brides and grooms to use masked photography with matching attire. It symbolizes this monumental event during the pandemic era while celebrating love with family and friends. Another trend is vintage-style photography which uses special effects from the camera and other use of crops to bring a nostalgic feeling to the images. 

The abundant use of mirrorless cameras

The use of mirrorless cameras is going to be more in demand among wedding photographers as they are compact, lightweight, and deliver exceptional quality pictures. Whether you are aiming for grand traditional Hindu or Sikh wedding photography, using these cameras can be easy to maneuver, so they are expected to replace the traditional DSLR cameras and other bulky instruments soon.  

Use of AI and VR technology to enhance images

Apart from drones and mirrorless cameras, an Indian wedding photographer can enhance the use of AI and VR technology which allows couples to experience their wedding in wholly different ways. The photographer can create a virtual wedding venue, make 360-degree videos, and enhance picture quality to offer a more immersive experience.  

The trend of using social media platforms is going to be more in the talk, so wedding photographers can showcase their portfolios, and couples can communicate with them easily. Photographers can deliver their images and videos more efficiently to clients through online galleries and cloud storage services. These technologies are going to evolve more, and the grandeur of Indian weddings is going to be more interesting. So photographers should keep updated on these trends to stay competitive in the market.

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