Tips For Buying Hand Dryers According to Your Needs

Everything that we put in our bathroom exists for one goal. To make us healthy and beautiful. From the biggest to the smallest piece of equipment, each element in our bathroom aims to provide optimal care and protection. We go to our bathrooms to seclude ourselves from the world, replenish and feel better about ourselves. Disposing of all the negative energy and bodily fluids makes us better people. Even the smallest of hand dryers exist to help us achieve that goal! But which one is perfect for your bathroom? We are here to help you find out!

1. How a hand dryer looks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Looks are subjective. Everyone can rate the same product by different standards. We all wish to feel more beautiful, and our appliances help us achieve such a noble goal. Before you buy your ideal hand dryer, imagine it as part of your bathroom. Hand dryers come in all shapes, colors and sizes you can imagine, so you won’t lack choice. Take your time and browse online until you’ve found the perfect match.

2. What’s it made of?

As the old saying goes: “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap items.”, so too should you abide by it. Picking the cheapest option is not always the best way to go. The cheapest hand dryers get made from low-quality plastic, with components on the lower end of the spectrum. With hand dryers, price dictates quality, but up to a certain point. Mid-range hand dryers will last you for a long time and do the job right.

Their materials justify the price range with all of the functions available. Higher-tier hand dryers use premium materials that are hard to find, with design choices that make them stand out. For starters, we recommend not breaking the bank and finding hand dryers that feel good. In both ways, you will be using it daily, and you aim to feel pleasant.

3. Price tag

We’ve mentioned the price briefly above, but as the price is the essential factor for hand dryers, the price discussion deserves its prominent spot. Reaching for top-of-the-line products may be overkill, as plenty of mid-range options do the job just as well. Rely on online reviews, as people have already done the job. Google reviews are your best friend when you wish to find a quality brand with a nice price-to-quality ratio, like Davidson Washroom, where you won’t go wrong. Any brand’s reputation gets made from its satisfied customers. You can easily see which brand cares and which experience is ideal for your needs. After that, you are only a few clicks away from finding your perfect hand dryer.

4. Maintenance and repair

Everything has an expiration date, but we wish to prolong it for as long as possible. That’s why you have to take good care of your equipment. So that it can last you for as long as possible, and to be there when you have to fulfill your needs. Hand dryers need a regular check-up, and your user manual will let you know how to take good care of it. In the same way, as skincare products take care of our skin, so does a well-maintained hand dryer. Should something happen to it that transcends your capabilities, each product usually has a warranty period where you can call in a licensed technician to help you out.

5. Hand dryer type

Last, we have two big categories worth mentioning. Conventional and old-school hand dryers have a dedicated button you need to push for it to work. This is not a bad design, but it adds to the complexity and to the number of parts that need maintenance. The more parts something has, the higher the chance something will break down. Modern and automatic hand dryers have sensors that activate them when you put your hands in them. The newer hand dryer versions minimize bacteria risks and offer maximum sanitary protection.

To create your ideal hygiene haven, you have to look at the sum of all parts. If everything in your bathroom is tailored and made for your needs, then the bathroom as a whole can function towards that clean goal. And a hand dryer is the cherry on top, which will finalize your squeaky-clean goal!

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