What to Expect at an Alcohol Rehab Program

Addiction is a rising concern amongst teenagers, young adults and middle-aged men and women. Many people in the world are under the influence or are addicted to many harmful substances which have become a pressing concern for all government and Drug Regulation Institutions.

It has become extremely difficult to stop the spread of drugs and narcotics and therefore, there is an imminent risk of a surge in the number of addicts in the world especially when it comes to alcohol as there are no laws for its consumption. Alcohol Rehab Center is the only solution for those who have a serious issue of addiction when it comes to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is more prominent than any other type of addiction in men and women most importantly because it is so intertwined with social drinking and binge drinking. Due to the lack of knowledge, most people are unaware of the signs of addiction and therefore are not able to differentiate alcohol addiction from social drinking.

Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol addiction is increasing among the age group between 20 and 45 and many people are falling prey to the vicious cycle of overdrinking in the name of casual and social settings. It is important to know regular drinking habits from addiction signs and symptoms. Alcohol addiction can often go unnoticed and untraced in the name of habitual or social drinking.

  • Below are some of the signs of alcohol addiction:
  • Drinking too much regularly
  • Not having any hangovers
  • High tolerance to drinking large quantities of alcohol
  • Irritability and moody behavior
  • Anger and frustration when not being able to drink
  • The constant need for alcohol
  • Changing social groups often
  • Not interested in having a good relationship with peers
  • Social group also tends to indulge in severe drinking
  • Not able to maintain good performance at work/school
  • Declining health

These are some of the symptoms of Alcohol addiction in men and women. Self-realization is the most important step for alcohol addiction treatment. Finding a good alcohol rehab center to admit one self so that they may correct this addictive behavior is necessary. Friends and family may also notice these behaviors and offer intervention so that they may check themselves into a de-addiction program.

Deaddiction programs in Rehabilitation Centres

Alcohol Rehab Center offers good deaddiction programs that include medical and therapeutic interventions. Medical intervention for deaddiction includes:

A medical exam helps in finding out the health condition of the patient. It helps in analyzing the damage caused by the alcohol addiction on the patient and if any additional treatment has to be provided for the patient.

Detox is a program that helps in getting rid of any toxins or remnants of alcohol from the body. The entire body is flushed off using IV fluid to help get rid of all the toxic material. After this stage, the patient is ready to take up therapy so as to remain sober from this point onwards

Therapy helps in understanding the ill effects of the addiction and helps the patient slowly get rid of the habit. Many types of therapy such as Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Group Counselling, Family counseling and individual therapy sessions help the patient to slowly get rid of the addiction and become sober again. The institution also keeps an eye on the patient to check for relapse.

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