Cataract Operation Procedure and Cost

A cataract is a condition where the human eye develops a layer of white thick material that covers the natural lens or the cornea of the eye. A cataract is a very common eye concern, especially for those who have crossed the age of 45 and above.

As humans age, cells start to build up and create a white layer of skin cells above the cornea which needs to be surgically removed. A cataract operation is one of the most common types of operation that is done throughout India.

Cataract operation in Mumbai is done by specialists who are adept in the various technologies that are used today to eliminate the unwanted layer of the eye. Cataract operations are also getting more affordable thanks to the evolution in technology that is enabling all hospitals to have special machinery and equipment that is needed to conduct this operation.

Cataract Operation Procedure

Cataract is a condition that requires surgical removal of a certain part of the body that is no
longer required. Therefore, cataract is corrective eye surgery. Cataract is a condition where there is a small layer of white skin that develops on top of the cornea thereby disturbing the vision.

This skin starts to form slowly and happens over many years. This is why most people who have a fully formed cataract are older than 45 years of age at least. The layer of skin that forms on top of the cornea is a jelly-like substance that is white in color and is present inside a bag that is fluid-like.

During a cataract operation, the surgeon provides local anesthesia to the patient. The process begins when a surgeon makes a small incision on the side of the cornea to enter into the bag through a probe that uses a laser to melt the layer of skin and then pulls it out.

Once this is done, the bag remains with jelly-like fluid inside. A small clear lens is then placed inside the bag for clear vision. This is the procedure that most doctors use for cataract operations in Mumbai. The anesthesia wears off in a couple of hours and the bandages are removed after a few hours of observation.

Within a day or the very next day, the patient can safely go home. The surgery in itself once takes a few minutes with a few more minutes of preparation and a few hours for observation and recovery. The cost of cataract surgery ranges from a few tens of thousands and can differ from one hospital to another.

Cataract surgery Aftercare

There are certain precautions after cataract surgery that patients need to take. For the first few days, direct heat and sunlight must be avoided at all costs. This means that cooking with gas or other kinds of stoves is off-limits. Stepping out in the sunlight is off-limits for the first few days as heat and bright light can weaken and irritate the eye.

Wearing the transparent eye gear that the doctor offers is helpful in preventing any dust or foreign particles from going into the eye and irritating the eye. It can prevent dryness and tear of the eye as well.

After 2 to 3 days of the surgery, the patient may go back to doing everything they like. The eye gear can be removed between 3 to 7 days as per the instruction of the Ophthalmologist or the surgeon.

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