10 Harmful Foods that can Kill You

Most of the articles that you come across discuss the foods that are healthy for you like fresh fruits, herbs, legumes, and vegetables etc. However, it is very rare that you should also be aware of foods that are killing you. Discussed below are 10 foods that harm your health if you consume them frequently.

1. Unhealthy Low-Fat Foods

The so-called low-fat foods cause more harm to the body than the regular ones. These are loaded with unhealthy chemicals which are almost as bad as the fats you are trying to avoid. These low-fat items can cause serious damage to your body with the passage of time.

2. Margarine

Margarine is cholesterol-free but it is a food that can kill you because it’s packed with trans-fat, which is more detrimental to your blood vessels and it actually causes the cholesterol to develop.

3. Packed Fruit Juice

Packed fruit juices are loaded with sugar and other destructive chemicals that actually destroy your immune system and lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity. A healthy alternative would be eat fresh fruit or make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices at home.

4. Processed Meats

Processed meats are one of the top 3 foods that are killing you slowly and gradually. They are crammed with deadly chemicals that lead to colon cancers. These meats are also rich in sugar, fats, and salt that cause obesity and diabetes.

5. Energy or Protein Bars

If you ask yourself what foods can kill you, you will never think of energy or protein bars. However, these may be rich in protein but they are laden with sugar and fat. Instead of including this unhealthy snack in your diet, you should opt for nuts and cheese.

6. Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are easy and convenient but not that nutritious. They are high in sodium which put your body at an extraordinary hazard and damage your health.

7. Breakfast Cereals

The normal breakfast cereals are nothing but chemicals and sugar. Their high content of sugar is even more than the desserts you eat.

8. Doughnuts

Doughnuts may satisfy your sweet-tooth but they are packed with sugar, fat, Trans fat and carbohydrates. Even a single doughnut contains about 300 calories and its consumption is a major source of weight gain.

9. Aerated Beverages

All sodas (even diet soda) top the list of foods that kill you for sure as both are detrimental to health as they are loaded with dangerous chemicals that cause obesity, various cancers and diabetes. A regular soda also contains sugar that causes obesity and diabetes.

10. Potato Chips

This crunchy snack is packed with cancer-causing chemicals, including acylamide which can be fatal for you. As chips are high in fats and calories, they can lead to obesity and other serious health conditions.