5 benefits from taking red light therapy

Nowadays, there is more and more therapies and technology applied to beauty care industry. Have you ever heard about red light therapy? If not, we would like to introduce to you about this kind of medical laser treatments. Furthermore, LLLT- low-level laser therapy is approved to treat conditions like chronic joint pain and heal the wound slowly. We have expectation from laser benefits for increasing immunity, tissue repairing, and anti- aging effects, such as osteoarthritis due to aging. There is one more information is until now, 2017, laser treatment has been applied to beauty care for 57 years.

So what is red light therapy? It is a utilization of red, low- light wavelengths going through skin layer to help boost up the tissue recovery process and increase blood flow, collagen production for other forms of rejuvenation in a natural way. The lower energy density and red light box therapies are proved to have certain healing abilities. Moreover, the way red light therapy has impacted positively on the human endocrine and immune system is an evidence of applying therapy in medical aspects.

Do you wonder how red light therapy works? At a wavelength of 633 nanometers, the low- light wavelengths of red light therapy are absorbed in about 8 to 10 millimeters under the skin without causing pain during the process because the light does not produce heat. The penetration makes your body produce more collagen, elastin to regenerate more capillaries. And you know that the more collagen is produced, the tighter- looking and firmer your skin is; new capillaries promote more circulation, and increase more rapid wound- healing, as well as scar tissue.

The most suitable subject for red light therapy is people over age 25 who gradually lose collagen products and smooth firm skin. With cancer treatment sufferers, red light therapy has shown promise to improve treating symptoms caused by chemotherapy and radiation like hair loss, incision or wound, skin discoloration, muscular pain or tissue damage, and neurological damage.

Red light therapy is becoming the safest, most painless and most effective therapy for glamorous, younger- looking skin.
But whether it has any risk or precaution before starting the therapy? Although it is recommended as the safest therapy for your skin, the high glare to eyes which is created by the device can cause damage to your eyes. Remember to wear protective products during facial treatment. Also, there is a precaution for these subjects:

  • Pregnant women: There has been no evidence that red light therapy can cause harm to the unborn baby but there is no safety test yet. So we recommend you not to take any treatment from red light therapy in pregnancy duration to protect the developing fetus.
  • Thyroid disease: Although there is a proof that low-level red light therapy has some positive impact on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the scientists have found that using a high-intensity laser treatment directly on the thyroid can stimulate or inhibit thyroid activity. The suggestion for you is not applying the light to your thyroid area, neck area.
  • Dark tone skin: Red light therapy is used to stimulate the body to produce more collagen and have a brighter and smoother skin. But some of the dark tone skin person, treatment with low-level laser light makes them uncomfortable or even painful, in some rare occasion. There is also protective layer cream during the process but feedback immediately if you suffer from any pain or rash feeling.
    Back to the main highlight, what are the benefits of red light therapy?NASA combination with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has done a research to show that the red light therapy can relieve pain caused by chemotherapy or radiation for cancer patients.

1. Immunity boosting and relieve side effect of cancer treatment

HEALS device- High Emissivity Aluminiferous Luminescent Substrate has been shown to produce long wavelength in the form of photons which is known to stimulate cells and aid in healing. Moreover, 96 percent of patients experienced chemotherapy or radiation for cancer treatment have shown improvement in oral mucositis with HEALS device- a common and painful side effect of cancer treatment.

Red light can activate the lymphatic system, an important part of the immune system which is responsible for carrying waste out of the body. Inflammation is also controlled to stimulate the natural healing capabilities. HEALS technology is being studied for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors, infection, skin ulcer, and slow healing wounds.

2. Wound healing and tissue repair

Red light therapy in the wavelength of 600 to 1300 nanometers is proved to promote wound healing, skin rejuvenation, and tissue repair. As mentioned before, low-level light traveled through the skin and stimulate the body produce more collagen and fibroblast which is important for skin, joints, and digestive health. Nowadays, most of the laser therapies apply triggering mechanism for skin rejuvenation. It means that it will cause small destruction on your epidermis and dermis layer so as to trigger tissue repair mechanism.

But red light therapy can pass over the destructive step and directly promotes regenerative process by increasing cellular proliferation, migration, and adhesion. Furthermore, treatment with red light therapy helps repair and restore damaged soft connective tissue.

3. Prevent aging process on skin and hair

Red light therapy is proved to help reduce the effect of oxidative stress or free radical which is known as the enemy of skin. It is the culprit of Winkle, roughness, and fine lines on our skin. The therapy also improves skin complexion, darker skin tone, collagen density which is measured by ultra- sonographic tests.

With hair loss sufferer, red light therapy is a solution to stimulate your follicle growth as the way it works to heal the wound. A moderate portion of both men and women has shown positive results for fighting baldness, and hair loss after LLLT therapy.

4. Joint and muscular health improvement

Red light therapy is being used in treating arthritis symptoms nowadays. It helps rebuild more cartilage and collagen production. There is a conclusion that using red light therapy could be considered as a short- term treatment for pain relief and morning rigidity for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

The Lancet’s study in 2009 showed that low-level light therapy reduced pain after acute neck pain treatment immediately, improved range of motion for musculoskeletal disorder patients. In addition, increasing blood flow and cellular rejuvenation are the keys to improve joint and tissue health, decrease oxidative damage.

5. Depression and fatigue relief

The traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner has known the benefits of using light in improving health and compare red light therapy with acupuncture’s mechanism in treatment.

  • Light is a form of energy which has the power to stimulate specific points and chakra zone in the body along with red color.
  • Light therapy utilizes focused, visible, the red wavelength in the same way as acupuncture uses needles to reach bodily harmony by stimulating certain points in the body.

Simply and naturally re- energizing and improving mood, positivity, social awareness, and sensory skill are all the benefits you can take from red light therapy.

After 5 important advantages of taking red light therapy, we hope that you know how to deal with body’s problem and receive treatment wisely.