7 tip for better skincare and flawless beauty

We all want to wake up with beautiful glowy skin that is hydrated and does not show any signs of aging. We all know that we aren’t living in a fairy tale.

Our skin mostly depends on genetics and also the lifestyle we live in. We all have noticed the baby’s skin, it is very soft and supple. As we grow, hormones, pollution, and stress have a negative effect on our skin.

There are many companies that are providing products based on the idea of giving you a fresh and glowing face. But it requires efforts and following a good skincare routine.

Our face skin is thinner as compared to the skin on the rest of the body and needs a more gentle approach. Over the years, we have heard so many home remedies from our mothers. Applying besan paste to using rose water, we all have done this, and it has shown us results as well.

If you have questions like what is the right age to start your skincare or what products to use, then you are on the right page. Here we have listed a few tips that we swear by that will give a healthy and radiant skin.

7 Tips to follow for flawless beauty

Drink Water

It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Our body is 70% water and so drinking enough water is essential. Water has multiple benefits such as it removes all the toxins from our body and helps in the proper functioning of the organs.

If you follow a routine to drink enough water, you will surely see results in a week. Water will provide the hydration that your skin needs and also helps in minimizing acne. Not just for the face, water is essential for our whole body.

Exercise Daily

We understand that there are a few days where we just want to lay in our bed, eat junk food, and watch movies. But this will only give you short term pleasure. Eating junk regularly will not only give you pimples but also weaken your immune system.

If you are asking how does workout helps with good skin, then here is your answer. Regular exercise improves your blood circulation to the face, it also helps in sweating out of the toxins. Working out releases endorphins, a chemical produced in our brain, this feeling helps you feel good about yourself.

Healthy Diet

Eating your greens versus eating street junk food makes a whole lot of difference in your skin.

If you wish to have healthy skin, then the first thing you need to do is have meals at a particular time every day.

Also, you need to include a good amount of green vegetables along with good fats and carbs in your diet. This will give your body enough vitamins and calcium for glowing skin.


As mentioned above, your face skin is much thinner and sensitive as compared to the rest of the body, and so you can not use whatever product to clean the body to clean the face as well. You might have already invested in a face wash, but one thing you might forget is to moisturize.

The face gets very dry after you have washed it since all the oils along with dirt are now removed. To have supple and soft skin, it is necessary that you apply a good moisturizer.


Almost every day we are out and about to take on our day with great challenges. While we are doing our jobs or attending college, our skin is vulnerable to harmful sun rays.

Sun rays can be harmful to the skin. From getting tan, pigmentation to a sunburn, these things can happen easily.

That is why it is essential to use sunscreen on your face as well as the body. Sunscreen acts as a layer against the harmful UV rays. If you want to have good skin, then applying sunscreen daily is a must.

Scrub once a week

In a week’s time, a lot of dirt and oil can get settled on the face between the pores. While normal cleaning will leave you feeling fresh, it won’t be effective in cleaning the pores. Scrubbing means massaging gel or cream that has tiny beads in them that can get close to the pores.

If you scrub once a week, you will be removing the dirt as well as dead skin accumulation on your face and let your pores breathe. But it is advised not to scrub daily as it can leave you with dry skin.

Take steam often

As written above, pores are often tough to clean, and the collection of oil and dirt in them makes your face look dull. If you are in it to give you face a complete cleanup, then after scrubbing, you should try steaming.

Steaming means opening up the pores with the help of steam. You don’t need fancy equipment for that, just boil water and pour it in a bowl. Now keep your face above the bowl at good length and put a towel above your face so that the steam is not let out. Steaming will open up your pores, and you can easily remove your blackheads, dead skin, and dirt and give your skin a thorough cleanse.


There is no secret to instant good skin; it takes time and good care. If you are facing some kind of stress, then chances of having great skin are less. You need to relax often and enjoy everything you have around you. If you follow the above-given points, then you will have a healthy glowing skin that will add on to your personality. Here we are at the end of the article and hope this helps you achieve radiant skin.

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