4 Foods Just For Your Eyes

In our fast paced lives, where everything is automated and made easy, we barely have time to look after our body let alone, give it the care it truly deserves for enabling us to accomplish our daily activities. In the process, some very vital parts of our bodies, are the ones that get most neglected; heart for example is treated with high cholesterol fast food that is handy and cheap and saves time.

In this era of electronic devices, remote offices and internet frenzy, our eyes suffer the most. We tend to ignore their health, which is why every second person now uses vision glasses. Today, we talk about 5 foods which if you consume daily or make part of your weekly diet, will surely improve your vision and eye health, even if you don’t have the time to do so.

Steal Some Carrots from Bugs Bunny!

Carrots are one of the best sources of antioxidants that help your body fight cataracts and macular diseases alone with carotene. There are so many ways this vibrantly orange vegetable can be used to supplement your body and eyes. You can eat it raw as salad or with dips like hummus and salsa, boil it to make soup, bake crispy chips, fry and make crispy tempura, shred it and make a cake or dessert, cook it with meat or other vegetables or simply extract the juice and drink it. Either ways, the goodness of carrot will be absorbed in your body and you can appreciate this beautifully colored vegetable through your healthy eyes. However The Eyelash Emporium offers a one stop shop for good quality eyelash extension supplies.

Paint your food with the colorful Bell Peppers!

Toss them in your salad, add them to your pasta or noodles, add them in the soup, grill them with the barbeque chicken or steak or make a healthy sub with your favorite peppers, these beautiful peppers add flavor and color to your food and make it look more appealing to your eye. Oh well, explains why the eyes fancy it so much; it makes your vision so much better due to the vitamin C richness.

Grill that Turkey, Roast that Chicken!

White meats like Turkey, Chicken and Ostrich are much more healthy alternatives to all kinds of red fatty meats and the “Red Alerts” they bring along for your body. Ostrich meat is rare but it is packed with zinc which is vital for your body, and packed with potassium and proteins. Turkey and Chicken meat are also rich in these but on the plus side, they are additionally rich in vitamins that prevent cataract and improve vision. You know how to use the turkey and chicken and everyone likes them in their own special ways and recipes so we will leave that to your wild imagination.

What’s soft, sweet and orange- A sweet Potato!

Sweet Potatoes are naturally rich in beta carotene, the orange pigment that gives them their vibrant orange color. This vegetable can be boiled, fried, mashed and baked and however else you like to eat it with. You can bake crispy sweet potato chips and eat them with sour cream, cheese, guacamole, salsa, tartar sauce, hummus, Nutella, and whatever you want!