Home Remedies for Paralysis

When the person is incapable of moving his muscles, then this condition is known as Paralysis. The person will not be able to work properly which results in loss of muscle function. As per medical science, it is a difficult situation to reverse the condition, but with the help of certain medicines and exercises, the situation of the patient can be improved over a period. The medicines of the allopathy can cause side effects to other organs of the body, and hence many of the patients despite serious condition want to avoid them. Although they prove as a good option, they are not much recommended by the naturopathy lovers. They suggest some home remedies which are easy to use and that too almost at no cost.

There are couples of home remedies best in Paralysis.

Some Best Home Remedies

Yoga– In Yoga, they will come across with Anulom Vilom option which will create positive effects on the muscles affected due to Paralysis. Patients should practice this yoga for 1 hour daily, and they will see their effects in short span of time. It is the best and cost-effective way of treating Paralysis. This yoga is capable of curing Paralysis,but one cannot expect prompt results, and hence it needs to be sued consistently. Apart from AnulomVilom yoga, patients are also recommended to go for the Ujjayi pranayama and Kapalbhati which are also much effective.


It is one of the best and effective home remedy that will prove best in this condition. Patients are required to intake 5-6 pieces of garlic fully ground with 2 spoons of honey everyday for 2 months. They can also boil garlic in milk and consume it daily. This home remedy will prove effective by controlling the blood pressure and the part which is affected. Hence the patient can revive the nerves system in a short span.


This is the best alternative when it comes to curing the paralysis. Patients are required to press the upper portion of the ring finger in order to get relief from paralysis. If the patient has paralysis on the left side, then they should press the left-hand ring finger to get the relief from this problem.

Black Pepper

This is also used to cure the problem of paralysis where 50 grams of black pepper should be cooked in Mustard oil, and then this oil should be applied to all the areas affected. It will show you relief in a limited period.

Kalonji Oil

Lukewarm Kalonji oil should be massaged gently on the affected area. It is also directed to patients that they should take 2-3 spoons of Kalonji oil daily. It will show instant effects as it can revive the nerves and muscles faster.


This is also best for curing the problem of Paralysis. Ginger along with Urad dal should be cooked in mustard oil for 10 minutes. After that lukewarm oil should be applied gently on the affected area. One will see its effects in short period. They can also use this oil to cure the problem of arthritis. For more such remedies visit ehomeremedieshub.com.