Top 10 Must-Watch YouTube Fitness Channels

With our sedentary lifestyles, it is really difficult to maintain a fit and healthy physique. On top of that, everyone can’t really afford or take out time for fitness clubs or gyms on regular basis. However, thanks to internet and the You Tube, now you can get guidance and you can learn a lot about your fitness.

The top You Tube channels are oriented towards providing complete information about healthy eating, fitness regimes, free classes and balancing your fitness, social life and work. You can follow a proper fitness routine by watching these 10 most popular You Tube channels with thousand and millions of subscribers following them.

10. BeFiT

If you are into following and doing workouts from high profile fitness experts but don’t have the budget to invest in DVDs, BeFit You Tube channel is the solution for you. The channel features fitness and workout videos by various famed trained trainers like Jillian Michaels, Scott Herman, Billy Blanks Jr. and others.

The workouts contrast in power and styles, including cardio, weights and area specific exercises. You can choose from a 10 minute to almost a 45 minute sessions. BeFiT caters to the needs of fitness fanatics of all types and currently more than 1.8 million people have subscribed to it.

9. Megsquats

Meg is a youthful, energetic and fun-loving Washington DC based powerlifter and fitness expert. Her channel MegSquats is quite popular as she loves to share and chronicle her daily routine and lifestyle, including her food logs and fitness regimes. She also holds training sessions, answers questions and demonstrates her preparation for various competitions.

Meg’s channel inspires people to believe in themselves and have faith that they can achieve their goals with a dedicated mind-set. The channel has almost 147,087 subscribers to date.

8. Josie Mai

Josie Mai’s channel is quite popular on You Tube with 51,252 subscribers and counting. She loves to experiment with different food groups fearlessly and freely talks about her disturbed past binge eating and obsessive exercises. She appears as really humane when she discusses how she overcame her weaknesses and adopted a healthy lifestyle including working out and healthy eating habits in a balanced way. She encourages people to pay attention to the demands of their body. She believes in flexibility which means indulging yourself once in a while actually benefits your body. She is a certified personal trainer as well.

7. HumerusFitness

Brian Turner, the mind and body behind HumerusFitness is a certified personal trainer and often takes part in men’s physique competitions. He is a fitness diva who inspires others to be a bodybuilder without feeding their ego. Being a very humble human being, Brian demonstrates his daily eating routine, his training practices. On the other hand he also shares the fun he has with his friends and is not shy in pointing out his own shortcomings, like his battle with acne.

Brian’s approachable attitude allows his fan to get in touch with him to get help with fitness goals and some inspiration. It is obvious from the current number of subscribers which has reached to 182,538 subscribers.

6. ChelseaLifts

Female weight lifting frequently gets unfavorable criticism as many women commonly believe in the myth that lifting heavy weights builds muscles and they would end up looking masculine. Chelsea Karabin at ChelseaLifts on YouTube proves that this is a completely false notion. This multi-talented bodybuilder not only owns her gym but is also famous for her fitness apparel line. She is an online coach and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specalist (CSCS).

Chelsea shares her dynamic lifestyle including healthy diets, fitness routines and also gives a glimpse in to her life as a young entrepreneur. She is an amazing fitness icon who motivates her fans that women can be fit and successful at the same time. The ChelseaLifts channel at present has 134,699 subscribers.

5. MattDoesFitness

British bodybuilder Matt is the owner of the YouTube channel MattDoesFitness uses his channel as a medium to share his training routines. Matt frequently demonstrates his meals following a “If It Fits Your Macros” (IFFYM) eating style and powerlifter training.
Matt additionally comes up with food challenges (like the 10,000 calories in one day challenge) and other fun videos to help his audience realize that maintaining fitness can be a lot of fun. It’s his humble and fun-loving attitude that has attracted over 85,963 current subscribers.

4. FitnessBlender

With over 4 million subscribers, FitnessBlender is the right choice of You Tube channels for you if you are unable to make it to the gym for some reason and you need some motivation. This channel is owned by health and fitness professionals named Daniel and Keli. Daniel holds a degree in Food and Nutrition and Keli has degrees in both psychology and sociology.
Videos on FitnessBlender contain cardio and weight training routines modifiable for any fitness level. When you are too busy to go to the gym, these videos can be a recue for you.

3. Fightmaster Yoga

If you are planning to learn yoga at home or develop yourself further, then Lesley’ Fightmaster Yoga channel is perfect for you. The classes at Fightmaster Yoga channel are available for both amateurs and experienced yogis. The duration of a single class can last from 10 minutes to a complete one hour session according to different experience and practice levels.
You come to know from her channel that Lesley is a Yogaworks Teacher Trainer which increases the authenticity of her advice. She provides free classes for everyone because her aim is to train people in this fitness art. She encourages you very safely and motivates you to better. Her channel has currently 313,896 subscribers.

2. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is a successful athlete and she is associated with various ventures including sponsorship by GymShark and being the director of Alphalete Athletics. She shares her various activities on her channel such as participating in bikini competitions and sharing her flexible dieting tips and lets you get an idea of the lifestyle of a thriving athlete.
Nikki is a solid fitness guru with her fun-loving style and her dedication to do better. Almost 570,711 subscribers benefit from her fitness advice.

1. Obese to Beast

This is the most famous channel on You Tube with 389,884 subscribers recently. The best part about John David Glaude is that this young humble man has simply documented his journey from being obese to getting fit. He is an inspiration to many because many people can relate to him and identify their obesity with Glaude. This young man I his 20s lost 170 pounds with the help of exercises and healthy diet. In fact his viral video documenting his weight loss became so popular that he was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres show.

His channels comprises of topics submitted by viewers, weight loss ‘scams’ along with a number of videos containing healthy eating videos.