How to Lose Weight: Have You Tried Online Weight Loss Consultation?

Weight loss is always on everyone’s mind. Whether it is for the sake of fitting into an old pair of jeans or to achieve a healthy body and mind, the thought of shedding a few extra pounds always lingers.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, you are in luck.

Weight loss is not about extreme diets or starvation. It’s a step towards becoming healthy. And this journey should involve only the most sustainable steps. Today, we will let you in on some effective tips that will aid your weight loss treatment or plan.

Consult a Doctor

Let’s start with the most important yet often ignored step – seeing a doctor.

When it comes to weight loss plans, there’s no one size fits all. Every body is different. This is why before you go ahead and think about diets, exercise and other weight loss methods, consulting a professional should be at the top of your list.

In most cases, weight gain is a result of an underlying health condition or an unhealthy lifestyle. Only a doctor can help you pinpoint the cause and guide you in the direction of healthy weight loss. They will evaluate your body, nutrition levels and lifestyle choices and customize a plan suitable for your body.

If you are not comfortable visiting a clinic, you can do it online. It’s the age of telemedicine which lets you connect with the best doctors from home. Share your problems with a professional and get the weight loss treatment your body needs. It offers the following benefits:

  • Discreet
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Quick
  • No long queues or delays

Always Have a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and rightly so. It’s the first thing you eat after the long overnight fast you put your body through while sleeping. So, this naturally calls for you to treat your body with something healthy and nutritious.

Besides your regular cup of morning coffee, the best breakfast options are oatmeal, eggs, greek yogurt and berries. These will help replenish all the low glucose levels and make you alert and provide energy to get through the day.

Having a full and healthy breakfast also lowers the craving for consuming more calories during the rest of the day.

Don’t Skip on Physical Activity

As per the guidelines of the Department of Health and Human Services, an average person should get at least 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. It’s pretty clear that if you need to lose weight, your goal needs to be higher. But, if you are looking to maintain a consistent number on the weighing scale, you must achieve the minimum minutes.

The best way to do this is by opting for various forms of physical activity to avoid monotony. You don’t have to run on a treadmill every day. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Walk to your grocery store. Go for a game of basketball with your friends. All these activities will make sure that you never skip on physical activity.

Forget Counting Calories

Calorie counting is best only when done correctly and under the supervision of a professional. Most people mistake calorie counting to starvation or the freedom to eat anything as long as it’s within the calorie limit.

A double patty hamburger has the same number of calories as 3 apples. Now you can choose whether to opt for the first option or the second one. But while the calories are the same, you are not having a nutritionally sound diet. You may even end up losing weight but it’s in no way, shape or form a healthy way to shed pounds.

Moderation Is Key 

Losing weight is not about cutting off from everything. You live in a world of fries, pizza and M&Ms. It’s not easy to overlook these delicious treats. As long as you follow the moderation principle, you’re good to go.

Having cheat meals in the right amounts once or twice a month helps keep the cravings at bay. You can also enjoy alcohol like wine or low calorie liquor without worrying about your weight if it’s in moderation.

Stay Consistent

The key factor that determines a healthy weight loss is consistency. You cannot do heavy weight training on one day and binge on junk the other. Follow a sustainable routine and stay consistent. Make sure to add variety and alternatives for days when you are not able to follow a routine.

Being consistent with your weight loss routine will not only get you the result you need but also help you manage the healthy weight.

So, it’s time to stop delaying your ideal body and health goals. See a doctor, have a consultation and follow the tips we’ve discussed to begin your healthy weight loss journey today.

Elena King

Elena King is a published writer from Orange County, CA. She has been working in the health and wellness industry since 2001. After working closely with experts for years, she has been able to use her knowledge and expertise as an insider to provide valuable information through her writing.

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