12 Healthy Ways How To Lose Weight Quickly

Of course, we all dream of eating and not getting fat or losing weight easily and effortlessly with the help of a magic pill. However, the truth is that the only effective way to quickly lose weight without harm to health is a balanced diet, active physical activity, and self-control.

How to lose weight so as not to harm your body? The following 12 tips will help you.

1. Water

Scientists with varying degrees of success bust a myth that the condition of our skin directly depends on the amount of water that we drink per day. Except in cases where it is so much that it causes puffy swelling. But this does not mean at all that someone canceled two glasses of water before meals, which phenomenally contribute to improving digestion. But you should not drink with food. Water practically does not linger in the stomach, but at the same time, takes with it part of the gastric juice.

2. Sugar                     

Sugar is the enemy of a good figure. It is not worth giving up sweets at all, it is still necessary – it quickly raises the level of glucose in the blood, causing a surge of energy. Just learn how to find equivalents for it. Say, replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate, ice cream with frozen fruit, and latte with an americano. But packaged juices and carbonated drinks will have to be abandoned forever, as well as from sugar-free chewing gum.

3. Salt

            Another quick way to lose weight is to give up salt. In the quantities, we are accustomed to, it clearly does not contribute to rapid weight loss – it retains water in the body. Start discarding it gradually, for example, replace ready-made salty snacks with hand made carrot sticks with hummus.

4. Fatty foods

            Yes, yes, you still have to forget about fatty and fried and learn how to steam. A steam cooker will help a lot.

5. Baking

            Wipe a single tear away and, first of all, say goodbye to your favorite buns, croissants, and white bread. But to exclude whole-grain baked foods from the diet, of course, is not worth it. Dietary fiber, B vitamins, and vitamin E, minerals (iron, zinc, and selenium), antioxidants, plant estrogen, and other useful elements in its composition will help to justify a slice of such bread at breakfast.

6.  Spicy food

            One of the secrets of Asian slimness is spicy food. It helps the body burn calories, raising body temperature. And this is not about a burning dish with chili sauce, from which makes your eyes get moist – a small pinch of red pepper will suffice for a while.

7. Breakfast

            According to statistics, many continue to stubbornly ignore this important rule. Speak out loud or put a poster on the refrigerator saying that breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal. Oatmeal, yogurt with slices of fruit, toasts with the heat of the heat – choose to your taste, and the calories obtained – burn confidently throughout the day.

8. Forget about body mass index

Even a person who is not obese can have higher than normal body mass index (BMI).

This is because muscles are heavier than adipose tissue. At the same time, adipose tissue has a larger volume. That is why you can lose weight “in centimeters”, but see disappointing numbers on the scales.

Much more informative is the bio-impedance analysis (BIA), which diagnoses the composition of the human body. This is done with the help of an electrical signal because different types of tissues in our body have different impedances, i.e. resistance.

Special scales, which can honestly say how much percentage of fat you have, can be made at home. However, be sure to consult your doctor if you have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device.

9. Eat from small plates of contrasting colors

            Cornell University Food and Brand Lab calculated that replacing large plates with smaller ones can reduce daily calorie intake by an average of 527.

It is very difficult to resist the urge to eat everything on the plate “so as not to throw it away”, so we often overeat.

At the same time, scientists advise not to take too small plates, so as not to come back for more.

It is also desirable that the color of the plate contrasts with the dish. For example, rice or pasta is better to eat from dark plates.

And studies say, slowly, under quiet jazz and in soft lighting, a person is inclined to eat less than under classical rock and under bright fluorescent lamps.

10. Dinner

Still, there is no need to give your dinner to the enemy, as in a popular saying, but it is necessary to think about the number of calories in a dish after six hours. At night, digestion slows down several times – the stomach can not cope. You can skip dinner altogether only if you feel that you have overeaten at dinner. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will face a night on duty at the refrigerator.

11. Eat slowly

            It takes time for the stomach to alert the brain that it is full and satisfied. 15-20 minutes on average. At dinner, try to focus on food, not on the new episode of your favorite TV-series. So you can better control the process itself and enjoy the taste, and not just mindlessly swallow food.

12. Sporty cheer!

Do you find a million excuses to limit yourself in any physical activity? And you have become proficient in this business! There is no way without physical activity. Here, the main thing is to approach the matter wisely. Do not overload the body and immediately build a fitness guru. The weight may go away smoothly, but your heart will not say thank you. All training should be carefully selected (by age, health, and desired result). Set a goal, listen to the body, calculate how many classes per week you can easily withstand. Make your workouts more intense if your work is sedentary. Do not be lazy. Squats and stretching can be done at home while watching a new series of your favorite TV-series.

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