Diet Plan For Weight Loss and Slim Summer Body

Do you want to have a slim beach-ready summer body? You are just the right place. We have created a diet guideline for you to get the perfect body you want. Want to learn how it’s done? Get your workout shirts and shorts on and dig right in. just the diet won’t cut it right, that is why you should work out alongside.


Hydration is important throughout the year and this is the first step you can take towards the change. You would want to drink fizzy drinks, sports, and energy drinks but water is the way you should go. Water helps with a metabolism boost, joint mobility, fulfills the water and salts lost with sweat, and prevents headaches and kidney stones. Sparkling water or an infuser bottle is a way to increase water intake. Switch to green tea instead of caffeinated drinks as they have antioxidants that help with weight loss.

What quantity is right?

Try to drink anywhere between 10 and 24 glasses of water a day. If you workout tries to aim for the higher limit. Drink from time to time instead of having it all at once. If you are below the limit, increase your intake gradually, and stick to it. Do 2 cups of tea of coffee maximum and about 4 cups of green tea in a day.

Note your pee color, if it’s dark you need to drink more water if it’s light-colored your intake is good if it’s white or you have to pee too much you can reduce the intake a little.


To lose fat and get a toned body you don’t need to starve yourself. Leaving carbs out and living on salads is wrong at so many levels. Maintaining a diet is more than half the effort but unfortunately ignored and difficult for many.

Portion size and time

These meal sizes matter and affect the outcome. You can either eat 3 meals or up to 6 meals a day. The goal is to keep caloric intake less than calories burned. As long as you can do that, go for whatever suits you. 3 large meals can be fulfilling, followed by light snacks that prevent you from eating more and feeling hungry. While 6 small meals with no snacks boost metabolism, prevents feeling hungry but isn’t as fulfilling.

With fewer meals per day, the portion size increases and vise-versa. For three meals per day, a cup of fruits and veggies, palm-sized protein and carbs, and a fist full of healthy fats like nuts, etc. Go for whole grain and complex carbs, high-quality lean meat, and fiber in the diet. Keep fruits and veggies for snacks. Calculate your calories, use measuring cups and spoons, and remember to keep calories burned higher than calories eaten.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruit and vegetables will help you from eating more calories and preventing hunger. Have them as snacks and include fruits into your meals. They have important vitamins, minerals, and fiber the body needs. Yogurt or oats mixed with strawberries, blueberries, apple, grapes, and some honey or maple syrup on top is a good breakfast.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are also important, especially the leafy green ones. Some eat vegetables on a daily basis because they have their importance which cannot be replaced.

Healthy Fats

Low amounts of healthy fats are important for the body like protein and fiber. Nuts, legumes, eggs, avocados, dark chocolate, olive and coconut oil, etc. are great sources. Cooking your meal in a few tablespoons of olive oil and eating an egg and avocado would be a good meal. Remember not to eat too much.


Protein helps maintain, build, and repair muscles in our body. Fish, beef, chicken, lean meat, oats, peanut butter, lentils, potato, sweet potato, and flax seeds are some good sources of high protein. Do not forget to intake protein with each meal. It is what helps the muscles recover and take the pain away after the workout. Eat high-quality protein within the hour after you are done working out.

How much protein to eat?

Depending on different things it varies, so you should calculate your daily protein requirements. However, for men and women about 60 and 50 grams at least a day is essential. This might increase depending on the intensity of the workout.


Consult a dietitian and your trainer for a personalized diet plan. Once you have the plan, stick to it, and do not forget the importance of workout and good rest. Refined carbs, fried and junk food, sugar, and sweetened foods and drinks, soda, alcohol, and other energy drinks are the things you should avoid. Eat these foods on your cheat day, keep track of your calories, and don’t fool yourself.

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