Workout Plan For Weight Loss and Slim Summer Body

People find it hard to keep on the fitness routine and stick to the same workout plan in summer. Just the thought of heat would want you to skip, but you have to keep on pushing. With lockdown and COVID-19 we are advised to stay at home. This summer with gyms closes you can still do work out and get a toned body. The following workouts make sure you get a slim summer body.

These workouts are not dependent on the gym and having equipment, it will be good if you can get some weights like kettle-bells or dumbbells. This will also make sure that you don’t lose all the gains so that you can continue with BJJ GIs and rash guards or other martial arts. So, the following workouts are also good for you if you are a martial artist.

Summer Workout

Getting a toned summer-ready body isn’t possible without workout and diet. Keep special care of your diet and follow this training program. Long duration cardio is not as effective plus it’s boring. So ignore that and focus on HIIT and strength training this time. The results will be efficient and you’ll get them quicker. HIIT is a combination of short intense exercise bursts followed by shorter rest periods which is usually from 15 to 30 seconds.

Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are great for the lower body. It strengthens and shapes the glutes and thighs as well as improves core body strength. If you don’t have any weights, use bodyweight, pick up water bottles, some other heavy things available, or get some weights from the shop. Do 3-4 sets of 12-15 sets of each.


Burpees are great as bodyweight exercise and work on multiple muscles at the same time. It is great to burn fat, tone muscles, and improve overall strength. To increase the intensity switch to one arm, push up and one leg squat and jump using both legs instead of adding some weight. If that is still not enough, add a 20 or 30-second elbow planks to the equation. Make sure to maintain proper form.

Plank switch

You know how to do a plank and different variations of it. Turn the intensity up a notch by starting in low or elbow plank, then switch to high plank. Hold each for at least one minute, return to their original position, rest and repeat. This will burn belly fat, strengthen the core, back, and shoulder muscles. Take half a minute of rest, then start again, repeat this three to four times.

Flutter Kicks

Lie down on an exercise mat on your back, keep the legs and arms straight. Now raise the legs 6 inches from the ground keeping the back flat against the mat. Raise as high as you can if not 6 inches. Do not bend the legs and start moving them in up and down motion without touching the ground. This will engage your core and lower back. Keep the motion slow and steady to keep the upper body down on the ground. Keep doing it for about 40 seconds, then rest and repeat twice more.

Strength Training

Now onto the strength training because we want to strengthen and tone the body as well. To do these workouts you would have to get some weights. Use whatever you can and it is available.

Kettlebell Swings

This workout is good for abs, back, core, thighs, and glutes. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulders, bend the knees to lower the body a little. Hold the kettlebell with both hands, swing it between the legs, keeping arms straight, then raise up to the eyes.

Bicep Curls

Working on arms is good because you would not want to be skinny or have fat arms. Do the simple bicep curls, hold the weight with the palm facing upward. Then slowly raise the weights towards the chin. Extend and bend the arm to its full range of motion.

Tricep Overhead Extension

Triceps should not be forgotten with arms exercise, this is where most of the fat in our arms are. Raise your arms up straight, now bend from elbows keeping the elbow beside the ears. Hold the weights and get into this position. Now raise the arms up straight and lower them slowly. This makes one rep. Do 12-15 reps and 3 sets.

Overhead Press

Hold the weight in one hand and raise it high up. The lower the weight bending the arm from the elbow, then raise it back up slowly. This makes one rep, so you have to do 15-20 reps of 2 sets. Switch to another arm once done. Get plenty of sleep, one or two rest days, eat a healthy diet, and workout with proper form. Make sure of this and in no time you will have a toned body ready.

Outdoor Sport`s Activity

Playing basketball provides a great workout to help you build endurance, build up muscle, and burn calories.  For instance, an hour of basketball can burn a whopping 630 to 750 calories.  For your next basketball game, check out basketball giveaways at Promocenter International!

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