Top 6 Strategies to Feel Full by Eating Less

Most of the diets don’t really work because it is human nature to rebel. The moment you tell yourself that you are not going to eat some particular food, your heart automatically craves for it. And you start binging on all those unhealthy options like donuts, fries and sodas, etc. However, if you plan your portions strategically, you’ll be able to eat less without any deprivation.

Plan #1: Stick by the “half now, half later” rule.

The best way to control your portion is dividing it into half and save the remaining for another meal. Whether it’s a sandwich or pasta, this rule applies to all your meals. To deceive yourself visually, use smaller plates as well.

Plan #2: Balance Your Meals

Having too much of anything is bad and the same rule applies to meals as well. Every fitness guru and nutrition expert would tell you that it is crucial to have balanced meals. A meal with balanced portions of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and fat will satisfy your hunger and assist in blood sugar stabilization, which is the key to keep your sugar cravings at bay.

Plan #3: Make Sure You Sleep Well

It has been proven by new researches that sleep deprivation leads to the increased levels of “hunger hormone,” which causes obesity. It has been observed that those who slept less per night gained weight more quickly than those who slept fitfully. Plan a relaxing bedtime routine, like a bath, reading or stretching before bed to ensure a deep sleep. Mobile phones and iPads should be forbidden at bedtime if you want to shed those pounds.

Plan #4: Get Rid of All the Stress and Relax

Stress is one of the major contributors of weight-gain. Too much stress produces high level of cortisol which increases the appetite which makes you crave for more food. So, it’s essential to lead a happy and relaxed life and avoid stress as much as possible. Exercising is an effective way to keep stress level at bay. Meditation can also help you get rid of the unwanted stress and pounds both.

Plan #5: Downsize Your Dishes

You’re the commander of your body and mind, so exercise your power and trick your mind by using smaller dishes and plates. Eating from smaller plates and bowls will not only help you control portion sizes, it will also trick your mind into believing that you’ve had a satisfactory meal. This will help you shed those extra inches and your weighing scale will also start to look better in the long run.

Plan #6: Put Your Silverware to Good Use

Take out your silverware and put it to good use at your dinner table. Instead of biting into your food directly, enjoy a leisurely meal. Cut up your food into tiny morsels and chew each bite while savoring its taste. Smaller pieces will condition your brain into thinking that there’s more of it when you’ll be actually eating less of it. Basically, having twelve thinner slices of pizza on the plate is better than having eight average slices. People tend to associate the quantity of food with numbers. So if there are twelve thin slices of pizza and you have eaten three, it will seem to be a lot and you will automatically hesitate to go for the fourth one. This will prevent you from consuming the extra calories and still help you stay satisfied.