How To Get Free From Acne?

Having a healthy, charming and glowing skin is everyone’s dream! Whether it adds a feather to the cap of your beauty, or your health, we all prefer to have flawless skin. But this is not an easy task, thanks to the biggest nightmare: acne. 


Acne are annoying visitors who come back every now and then to ruin your appearance. This being a growing concern among most people, especially the youth, we address this concern in detail, and its remedies like OTC treatment , in this article. 


Acne Triggers

Acne or unwelcome pimples on the skin, is characterized by several underlying reasons. Here are some of the most prominent triggers of acne:


  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. Genetics 
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  5. Poor hygiene
  6. Stress
  7. Excessive sunlight exposure
  8. Some particular medications
  9. Application of toxic chemical products


Fifteen Useful Tips On How To Get Free From Acne

Though not a serious medical condition, it was always best to keep acne at bay. Here are some of the most effective tips to get free from acne: 


  • Maintain Face Hygiene

Cleaning your face at regular intervals is a must for proper face hygiene. Wash the face with lukewarm or cold water and dry using a soft towel. Take a shower daily to remove dirt from the body surface. 


  • Maintain Hair Hygiene

Wash your hair daily to prevent oil build-up on the skin. Keeping your hair clean also benefits the acne formation on the scalp. Moreover, it guarantees good healthy hair that adds to your beauty. 


  • Refrain From The Temptation To Touch Your Face

Most people have this common temptation to touch the face, unknowingly. Likewise, some people can’t refrain from the need to pop a pimple once it appears on the face or skin. Avoiding these small habits can benefit largely when it comes to acne. 


  • Apply Skin Care Products That Go Along With Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type and treating it accordingly is the first step towards skin hygiene. When you mix and use products of different skin types, it creates an adverse impact on your delicate skin, thereby giving rise to pimples. 


  • Take Preventive Measures While Going Out In The Sun 

Exposure to sunlight is good for your health if done in the right proportions, and at the right time of the day. Too much exposure could lead to excessive oil production by skin glands, as also cause burns. Refrain from going out in the sun in noon hours, and apply a protective layer of sunscreen if you can’t help but go. 


  • Opt For Natural Moisturizers And Exfoliators 

Replacing chemical combinations for moisturizers and exfoliators with natural products can be healing for your skin. Natural oils such as tea tree oil and face packs that make use of items that can be found in the kitchen are less harmful and more effective. 


  • Cut Back On Junk Food

Your diet plays a major role in your overall health. And this includes skin health too. Consuming too much junk food can disturb the harmony in your gut, which directly reflects on your face and skin. Follow a healthy diet and restrict unhealthy food intake to just once in a while. The results will astonish you! 


  • Hydrate Well

The human body needs water to carry out several functions, including aiding in digestion, removal of toxins, and transportation of nutrients and oxygen to cells. If you don’t provide the body the required amount of water, it is bound to rebound. And one of the warning signals the body shows of dehydration is acne.


  • Manage Stress

The health of your mind affects the health of your body. If you are prone to stress or other emotional ailments, your skin gets affected too. Finding effective ways to manage stress such as meditation can improve the wellness of your body. This in turn helps prevent skin disorders such as acne. 


  • Exercise

The human body isn’t designed to remain in a sedentary state for long hours. If you don’t move enough, or more precisely, exercise, sweat and burn enough calories for as much you eat, you are prone to developing serious health disorders, let alone acne. So, regular exercise aids overall health, and thus healthy skin. 


  • Get Into A Healthy, Deep Sleep Routine

Another significant factor that most people take for granted is a proper sleep routine. While our wise ancestors suggested waking up with the sun and going to bed after sunset, this schedule isn’t adaptable to today’s needs. Yet, we could still find a routine that provides a healthy, deep sleep every night and stick to it to ensure wellness. 


  • Cut Back On Sugar

Like it affects most healthy systems of the body, excessive sugar intake affects skin health too. Too much intake of refined sugar spikes the blood sugar levels which finds a connection with acne breakouts. 


  • Cut Back On Smoking

According to studies conducted across the world, smoking has an adverse effect on skin health too, just as it has that effect on several other aspects of the body. So, quitting or atleast cutting back on smoking could help you get rid of acne. 


  • Cut Back On Excessive Makeup

Exposing your delicate skin to too many toxic chemicals affects its texture in a bad way. While there is nothing wrong about wearing makeup, try to limit its use to occasions. This could mean that your skin has more space to absorb freshness and remain vibrant. 


  • Consult A Skin Specialist

In the end, no one could tell you about how to take care of your skin and deal with acne better than a skin specialist. If your acne persists even after trying all these above mentioned tips, then you need the opinion of an expert.



In a nutshell, acne has much to do with a person’s health and fitness. The skin is one of the mediums that the body uses to signal that something is not right inside. That something that you’re doing needs correction.


Making a note of the tips we mentioned earlier and trying your best to apply them to your lifestyle will surely help a lot to overcome the acne issue.

We sincerely hope that helped! 

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