5 Ways to Keep Depression at Bay

Depression has become like a widespread epidemic in our society. From kids to adults and old age, depression has speared no one. With increased workload and demands of the fast paced life, the ever-increasing pollution and the mind-numbing state of the economy and job market; all have played their role in putting you in a bad mood, giving you frequent headaches and migraines. You get mad at small things and anything and everything can tick you off. You have frequent fights with your family and siblings. For married people, this is times two as fights with your partner can affect lives of your kids and disturb the environment at home as well as your sexual life. How to beat it? Here are 10 ways to avoid depression!

Sleep enough and well

Your body needs minimum 7-8 hours of sleep every night. We overwork our bodies all day and then when the time comes for us to give our brains and body some rest, we deprive them of it. When our body does not get enough sleep and is tired, it rebels by making your mind agitated and that is the reason of your cranky mood all day. Give your body its due share of rest.

Workout and Do Yoga Daily

Exercise releases endorphins or happy chemicals in your body that lifts your body. Meditate and do yoga early in the morning when the air is cool and fresh. Put on some calm and soothing music, think about yourself and your life and breathe in and out. This will relax your mind and body. You can do it after work also, to relax your body after a tiring day.

Take time out for Friends and Family

It is very important to talk to people around you. Do not miss out on your social and family life, no matter how time-consuming your job is. Depression gets to you when you stop talking to people. Talking to people ensures you vent out that stress and tension in some way or the other. If you don’t, it piles up and ultimately leads to depression and burnout.

Engage in Some Hobbies after Work

Engage in anything that you like to do after you come home or in your free time. If you like to play guitar, cook, bake, stitch, read a book or just take a swim, do it. Doing things that make you like and that make you happy, automatically releases your stress from the day.

Go Hiking, Camping or on Vacations

If you cannot manage to spare time out daily because your job is very demanding and is on odd times, you can just take a week off from work every 6-8 months and go camping, hiking or on vacations with friends, partner, family or just alone on a backpacking adventure. It gives one some alone time to think about their life and future and they return back to work all fresh and ready to start work again.