Important Things to Do Before Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer is one of the leading skin concerns worldwide. Notably, this condition occurs when you have unusual growth of your skin cells. Excessive sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer. However, you can still develop this condition in some body areas, like the foot, with limited exposure to sunlight. The development of skin cancer usually impairs your skin tone, making you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, if you are a victim of this skin concern, the Mohs skin cancer surgeon Stockton can help you treat abnormal skin cell growth and restore the quality of your life. Below are important things that you should do before the Mohs surgery.

Research About the Procedure

One of the effective ways to prepare for the treatment option is to learn how it works. Look for the necessary information online concerning Mohs surgery. Where you need clarifications, you should make inquiries to your surgeon. A thorough research about the surgery will help you to know what to expect during and after the procedure. This way, you ease the anxiety that you could have before the Mohs surgery.

Stop Smoking

Do you know that smoking can retard wound healing? The cigarette chemicals constrict the blood vessels supplying blood to the operated region. Consequently, this skin area will not nourish properly, interfering with healing. Therefore, quitting this habit for at least two weeks before and after the skin surgery would be best if you are a smoker. Seek suggestions from your primary doctor about effective ways to quit smoking.

Review Your Medications

Mohs surgery is safe since little blood is lost during the procedure. However, certain medications can expose you to excessive bleeding. Therefore, you should discuss your medications with the surgeon before the procedure. Your surgeon will instruct you to suspend the intake of anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin for your surgery to be successful. To continue suppressing your underlying condition, your surgeon will recommend alternative treatments with minimal side effects.

Get a Quality Sleep

A night of quality sleep is essential for your overall health. Notably, your brain functioning is optimal when you have a good sleep. Also, getting adequate sleep boosts the body’s immune system. Therefore to ease anxiety and enhance a smooth recovery, you should sleep for at least seven to eight hours during the days leading to your Mohs surgery. Improve your sleep hygiene if you experience difficulties falling asleep.

Wear Comfy Outfits

Tight-fitting clothes can interfere with your recovery. Therefore, before your Mohs surgery, you should purchase loose-fitting clothes like shirts with a large neck opening. Wearing comfortable clothes on surgery day makes it easy for the surgeon to access the target skin area. In addition, the loose-fitting clothes do not compress the operated skin area. This instance will help you to have a smooth recovery after the surgery.

Are you a victim of skin cancer? If yes, you can attest that this skin condition is distressing. Notably, the cancerous growth on the skin interferes with individuals’ attractiveness. Thanks to the Mohs surgery, you can now treat this condition and continue living on top of your life. Like any other medical procedure, it is good to prepare for this surgery. For example, you should research Mohs surgery to know what to expect during the procedure. Discussing your medications with the surgeon will help minimize potential side effects during and after skin surgery.

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