10 Countries Famous for Cheapest Healthcare

European and Scandinavian countries may be well-known for their top notch medical facilities. However, they aren’t affordable for everyone. If you are looking for healthcare that is not too heavy on your pockets, or looking for medical tourism, then you should explore one of the following countries, famous for their cheap medical rates and care.

Realizing the importance of medical tourism, the modern hospital lobbies and foyers resemble an entrance to a five-star hotel. These areas boast of trained multilingual hospital staff and expensive furniture that cater to the needs of foreign patients.

Listed below are 10 countries famous amongst American and other tourists for the cheap healthcare rates they provide.

1. Thailand

Thailand is famous among the gender change surgeries. You just need to Google it once to find out some amazing success stories of women who were previously males. Thailand prides itself on its high-quality cosmetic procedures available at affordable rates.

Considered a pioneer in the field of medical tourism, this country provides excellent medical facilities for tourists in private hospitals and institutions. Top notch orthopedic, dental and heart treatments can also be availed at Thai hospitals along with cosmetic procedures.

2. India

India secures the second position on the list for cheap healthcare. Along with medical care, India also offers various other method of healthcare including the traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Tourists prefer India because of the less number of language barriers they face as most of the Indian working class knows how to converse well in English. Cheap accommodation and low flight rates also tend to make India popular with tourists and foreigners looking for healthcare options.

3. Singapore

Singapore is the best place for those who are looking for affordable healthcare with the best possible atmosphere. These services are not only available to their citizens and permanent residents; they are also extended towards tourists and foreigners. This relatively young and small country was one of the first to embrace the medical. The country is famous for its lawfulness, cleanliness and cost-effective transport system. You can find the best possible medical care in Singapore including stem cells treatment.

4. China

China is more notorious than famous for the medical care you can find there. It may have made in to the list of cheapest healthcare but it’s not necessarily a good choice. However, along with all the tainted scandals, China definitely takes the credit for experimental therapies for all kinds of injuries, disorders and medical issues.

5. Poland

Poland is all the rage with British patients who come there for the dental and spa treatments. Thermal baths and salt caves treatments are extremely popular with British.

6. Hungary

Hungary is popular with Western Europe because of its easy access. Patients from Austria, Germany and Sweden especially prefer Hungary for dental treatments. However, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic are also giving it a tough competition in the Eastern states.

7. Mexico

Mexico is famous for its cost-effective but satisfactory medical care. Especially the Americans with insurance policies giving coverage in this region prefer hospitals in Mexico. Cosmetic treatments, dental procedure and eye-treatments are extremely popular and affordable in this part of the world.

8. Costa Rica

Another country which has embraced the boom in medical tourism is Costa Rica. Being in the close proximity to the U.S. and Canada, allows them to get major medical tourism turnover and to support this, they make sure to provide the best health care at lowest costs. The Cost Ricans have expertise in dental treatments, cosmetic surgeries and it also boasts of top notch rehabilitation centers for medical tourists.

9. Brazil

Brazilians are famous for their dusky beauty. Their love and appreciation of beauty reflects in their medical sector as well. Brazil has almost 5000 cosmetic surgeons who have diverse expertise. Whether it is a facelift procedure or a complete weight loss program, a Brazilian medical expert can provide anything including bariatric surgery and rhinoplasty.

10. Cuba

U.S government may treat Cuba as a recluse but you can find some highly-talented and trained medical personnel over here. This place is famous with Latin Americans and Europeans. High profile people like the President of Venezuela also prefer Cuba for the cancer treatment.