Treat Yourself with Electric Massage Tools

Who does not like to receive a massage? Everyone certainly wouldn’t mind if his body were massaged. Especially if they are tired and their muscles and joints feel stiff and heavy. Massage is an activity of pressing certain members of the body by applying certain techniques also to provide good benefits to the body.

The muscles, tendons, and ligaments found in the body are usually the objects to be massaged so that the body is lighter and feels easier to move. Massage is no longer a new element for the community, some people even pamper themselves regularly doing massages.

Massage can be done when someone feels that their body is no longer comfortable due to strenuous activity or when someone has certain injuries such as sprains, muscle, and joint pain, injuries due to sports, or even when someone has a minor accident.

Today, massage is not something difficult to find. The places dedicated to massage are scattered everywhere. Even for massage techniques, they have begun to develop a lot compared to a few years ago. Not only the traditional massages that we can enjoy but also other types of massage techniques that have been easier for us to find, including reflexology, shiatsu massage (Japanese massage), Thai massage, deep tissue massage, techniques Stone massage and massage for pregnant women.

Benefits of body massage

body massage

Most people who do massages would like to enjoy the benefits of clearly felt massage, which relaxes the tense muscles of the body, lightens the body and provides a relaxing effect on the body. But in reality, if more attention is required, massage not only provides these benefits. According to research, massage can provide many benefits that may not be known to the public. What are these benefits?

  • Stimulates the brain to release fatigue.
  • Reduces pain due to certain injuries.
  • It helps the body to detoxify poisons
  • It helps optimize body functions.
  • It helps stabilize health.
  • Make joints more flexible and not rigid
  • Improve the function of the respiratory system.
  • Relieve some diseases such as headaches or migraines, back pain, and osteoarthritis.
  • Reduction of side effects due to cancer treatment.
  • Reduce depression and anxiety in those who have mental illnesses.
  • Blood circulation
  • Reduce sleep disorders or insomnia.
  • Reduce stress
  • It improves digestive function
  • Rejuvenate the skin

What body parts are good for massage?

All parts of our bodies can be massaged. However, not all parts are good for massage. There are certain parts that, if massaged, can affect the health of the surrounding area to relieve pain or fatigue. These sections are:

Temple near the eye

Temple near the eye

If you experience headaches, stress or feel depressed, try to massage the area, both right and left. Massaging the temples near the eyes can alleviate these complaints. This tip especially for your skin beauty and gives more shine to your face

Third Eye

The area of ​​the third eye is at the base of the nose, near the forehead. It is considered that gently massaging this area can relieve the discomfort of tired eyes.

Between thumb and forefinger

Massaging the area between the thumb and index finger will help relieve neck pain. Although between the thumb, index finger and neck, the distance is quite large, but massaging this area can be connected directly to the neck.

Wings on the back

Try to touch your back, you will feel outstanding bone-like wings. Keep in mind that massaging this area will help relieve fatigue problems in the neck, head, breast pain, and respiratory problems.

Back and palm

Do you often experience pain during your period and is the condition enough to interfere with your activities? Try to massage the center of the back of the palm and the inside of the palm, because when massaged, the pain will decrease.

Bones in the ankle

The ankle is a good point for a massage. Massaging this area may relieve complaints of pain in the lower back and pelvic or hip pain.


In addition to the ankles, another good part of a massage is the soles of the feet. This area can be connected to several other parts of the body, although far from the foot. A complaint that can be overcome if massaging this area is digestive problems.

Do you want to massage without leaving home?

The feeling of relaxation felt after massage often causes people to become addicted. But unfortunately, not everyone has enough free time to go to the massage site or ask others for help to massage it. For those of you who are busy with a high level but still want to feel the sensation of relaxing after a massage, you should not worry because there are now many electric massage tools available.

This electric massage tool provides many benefits for its users, one of which can improve blood circulation and eliminate fatigue in the body. The most important thing is that with this electric massage tool you no longer need to bother at the massage site or rely on other people to massage. You can use it wherever and whenever you want. This electric massage tool consists of several types. Some of them are:

Electric leg massage tools

The foot is a good part of the massage. The use of an electric massage specifically for the legs can help reflexology of the feet, as well as relaxation of the body. The power tool for a foot massage is very suitable for those who feel pain or discomfort in the foot area or other areas.

Electric body massage tools

Pain in the body is the main reason for people who want to pamper themselves with a massage. There are several parts of the body that often cause complaints, for example, back, shoulder, waist, etc. The special electrical massage equipment for the body really helps to relax the muscles of the body and reduce pain.

Electric massage chair

If you feel that your whole body hurts and hurts due to daily activities, the electric massage chair can be pampered. Simply sit relaxed in this chair, then fatigue and pain will disappear, blood flow in the body will soften.

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