5 Facts about Doughnuts You should Be Aware of

How Bad are Doughnuts?

Doughnuts are a popular all over the world because of the convenience and their sweet taste. However, eating donuts is not very healthy for you as their consumptions leads to variety of health problems. Here are five facts that tell you why you should stay away from this high-calorie sweet treat.

Donut Chains and Outlets – Breeding Grounds for Germs

People eating donuts from famous outlets are consuming poison and inviting varying diseases to infest their bodies. Most of these big outlets get their supply of doughnuts from a centralized kitchen which is a sure shot sign that they are stale. The donut chains do not change oil for a fortnight and they are exposed to flies and other flying vermin. You can never be hundred percent sure about the hygiene of these places. So it is important to eating such unhealthy and germ filled food.

Tooth Decay and Other Dental Problems

It is a very common sight to see kids eating donuts frequently and most of them suffer from cavities and other dental problems since a very young age. Even adults face varying dental problems like bleeding gums and cavities. It also causes severe toothache and tooth decay. So, listen to your dentist and make sure you and your family are not consuming this unhealthy snack before all of you lose your teeth.

Too Many Donuts Cause Obesity

If you love to eat donuts, keep it in your mind that you will be gaining a lot extra weight. Obesity in itself is harmful and eating this heavy and sugary carbohydrate can tire you very easily. To keep fit and energized, it would be better to skip the doughnuts altogether. Otherwise, your obesity can make you prone to many other health conditions.

Eating Doughnuts Leads to Mood Swings

When you are angry or sad, comfort foods like doughnuts seem like an excellent idea. However, these foods are equally bad for mental wellbeing and mood they are for your waistline. Eating a donut may boost your mood but the sugar crash afterwards can lead to severe mood swings. If you really want to have something to comfort you, whole grain products or a small chocolate would be a better option. Brain gets it energy from blood sugar but getting it through pastries and donuts is not a good idea at all.

Eating Donuts Leads to Diabetes

Refined carbohydrates, usually found in bakery products like cakes, pastries, and doughnuts are off the list for diabetic patients, especially for those with type 2 diabetes. However, people should normally avoid donuts. Eating them regularly can make you prone to diabetes. You need to work out regularly if you want a donut treat here and there. Over all, it is best to go for whole grain foods rather than the products made with refined flour.