Get Professional Medical Help at Home in your Pajamas!

Where do you go when you are looking for health information? 80 percent of web users look on the internet for answers. However, figuring out whether the medical information you are reading is trustworthy or not can prove to be tricky. What if you could get professional medical advice through a licensed medical expert. Yes, you can see a doctor on your computer or smartphone. Whether you have a medical question or a are suffering from an ailment, you can be treated online through a face to face conversation with your doctor. The internet has made it possible for your doctor to make a house call. Let’s see how you could benefit from an online doctor in your daily life:

Very sick child:

You live in a town that is remote and the nearest hospital is 200 miles away. Your town doctor’s office is closed for the day and there is no emergency care in town. One night, your child comes down with a fever, and by 3 am her temperature reaches 104 Fahrenheit, you begin to panic. The temperature isn’t going down and you don’t know what to do. Thankfully, you remembered that you can get an online doctor consultation, so you log on to your computer and get in touch with an Online Doctor Consultation in New York, the doctor makes a diagnosis of your child and writes a prescription which you can pick up from the 24-hour drug store down the street. You do so immediately, and within a few hours of taking the medication, your child begins to feel better. Had it not been for an online doctor consultation, your child’s condition could have gotten worse, and you had to drive her to the hospital.

No time off from work:

Recently, you’ve been feeling quite sick. Therefore, you ask your employer to give you time off. Your employer says no because the week is very busy and they don’t have a replacement for you to cover your tasks. Your employer can only give your time off in the next two weeks. Although you can’t wait that long, so you look at your options. Luckily, there’s the option to see an online doctor. So, while at work, you find the time to consult with an online doctor during your lunch break and she writes you a prescription. It turns out that you’ve been suffering from anxiety and depression and the medications can help calm your nerves.

People with no health insurance:

Online doctor consultations are a cheaper alternative for those with no healthcare. Seeing an online doctor is cheaper as compared to seeing a doctor in his or her office. Also, employers that don’t offer health insurance have made use of online doctor consultations to facilitate employee with their healthcare needs. What’s more, employees can be treated in the workplace. Be it severe back pain, a head injury or workplace stress, employees can get treated without having to leave work.