How to Identify Diabetes Symptoms in Women?

Diabetes is a chronic health problem in which blood sugar levels rise. This is due to problems in producing or processing insulin. The prevalence of diabetes is rising significantly in India. Nowadays, women are more likely to experience diabetes compared to men. It is found that approximately 15 million women have diabetes, or around 1 in every 9 adult women.

So, you might be wondering “How is diabetes in a woman different from that in a man”. Women are at a higher risk of heart problems and other complications than men. However, there is good news. Diabetes management is possible with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and using medications. So, a “balanced lifestyle” is the key mantra for Diabetes Management in India.

Common symptoms of diabetes

  • Feeling too much thirsty
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Urinating more than normal
  • Hazy vision
  • Hunger pangs even after eating
  • Frequent infections or slow-healing sores or cuts

Symptoms Of Diabetes in Women

The symptoms of diabetes in a woman may be somewhat similar to a man, still, there are some unique symptoms commonly present in a woman. This blog discusses the diabetes symptoms that are unique in women so that they can detect diabetes and seek treatment early. Early diabetes treatment helps escape health complications. Here are some common symptoms of diabetes in women:

Symptom 1: Oral and vaginal yeast infection

A fungus, Candida albicans causes oral and vaginal yeast infections. High blood glucose levels cause the growth of this fungus. Glucose acts as a fuel for yeast. And, high glucose level leads to its multiplication in the mucus membrane that combines the vagina. All women experience vaginal yeast infections from time to time. And, this produces a good medium for the rapid multiplication of yeast and bacteria. So, women with diabetes are highly susceptible due to raised blood sugar levels.

Symptom 2: Urinary Infections (UTIs) 

UTIs are caused by bacterial growth in lower areas like urethra, kidney, ureters, or bladder. More than 50% of women have been found to experience UTI at some point in their lives. UTIs are more frequent in women than in males due to shorter urethras and their closeness to warm, wet parts of the perianal and vulvar regions. All these factors result in an increased risk of UTIs in women.

Symptom 3: Long and Abnormal Menstrual Cycle 

Long and abnormal menstrual cycles together with heavy periods might indicate diabetes. Menstrual cycles are long and abnormal in women with diabetes. This is majorly due to insulin resistance.

Symptom 4: Sexual Dysfunction 

Sexual dysfunction is another most common sign of diabetes in women. Women usually experience a loss of libido, lack of orgasm, vaginal dryness, and pain or discomfort during intercourse.

Symptom 5: Fertility issues 

Premature menopause is commonly seen in women with diabetes. It has been observed that women with diabetes may face problems with their menstrual cycles and anovulation problems. Diabetic women may also experience a lack of menstrual periods (amenorrhoea) in their reproductive years. 


Both men and women can have diabetes, and the overall signs don’t really differ much in either of them. In women, there is a chance that diabetes can harm both the mother and the unborn child. Women also experience particular symptoms, mostly related to the female reproductive system. In such a case early diagnosis and treatment is the key. Women need not worry if they experience these symptoms; instead, speak with your doctor. To identify any potential indicators of diabetes, women must be aware of their risk factors, live healthy lifestyles, and have regular testing.

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