Considering An Online Doctor Consultation? Know Everything About It

Online doctor consultation is one such development in the healthcare industry that has brought quality medical care at home digitally. It has simplified healthcare by enabling people seek expert doctor opinion and advice at the comfort of their homes. Geographical barriers are no more a limitation in reaching out to experienced specialty doctors who are not available in many remote locations. What you need is a good internet connection or the doctors are even available at phone calls. You can talk to a doctor or consult a doctor on phone.

Modes of online doctor consultation

  • Video call: You can consult doctor online face to face through video call through particular app or a skype call.
  • Phone call: Dial the number of the doctor at pre-scheduled time and get all your queries answered.
  • Chat: You can chat over an online window and get medical advice from the doctor.
  • Email: It is not a real-time experience of consulting the doctor. However, it gives you ample time to think and raise your queries to the doctor. Expect the reply at stipulated time as mentioned earlier on the portal through which you booked the appointment.

Benefits of online doctor consultation

  • Accessibility to highly experienced doctors across any location
  • Saves time spent in traffic and waiting while in the clinic
  • Hassle-free as no travel required
  • Consult doctor at your convenient time from the comfort of your home
  • Stay in a more hygienic environment by escaping the clinics and hospitals
  • Option to take informed decision based on other patient reviews

Online doctor consultation is especially beneficial for bedridden patients who find it difficult to travel and visit the clinic. Also, those who require regular consultation at pre-scheduled intervals can have an online doctor for added convenience. Also, in places where doctors are not readily available or at new locations where you are not sure of finding any experienced doctor, you can choose to consult a doctor online located at any distant place.

How to make the most out of online doctor consultation

  • Make a note of your symptoms, past history, family history and other important information
  • Consult the doctor in a quiet room with no background noise to talk and listen carefully
  • Confirm your details in the beginning and at the end of the call to avoid any confusion in record keeping
  • Investigate about your doubts and double check the medicines or other things prescribed
  • Be open to the doctor and do not hesitate to share any information

Where to book appointment for online doctors?

  • Choose a healthcare portal that protects your confidentiality
  • Opt for secure payment gateways
  • Trust only reliable online healthcare portals

Digitalization in healthcare is offering ample opportunities to take better care of your health in a more efficient way. Now, you can take care of your family’s health with the best medical services available while saving a lot of your time. Avail these digital services and keep yourself healthy in a more convenient way.


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