Top 6 Health Care Tips to Avoid Diabetes

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Diabetes is becoming one of the common diseases all around the world. It is spreading even at a more fast pace than influenza. The main cause of diabetes is the higher intake of sugary food. Recent research shows that even high intake of products made by dairy becomes the cause of diabetes. Many scientists are working on finding the ways to stop diabetes from spreading to more people. Different channels and social media entities have started special programs to guide people about the tips to stay safe from the disease. Here are some of the amazing tips to save you from the deadly disease of diabetes.

Add Colors on Your Table

Majority of people like to rush towards fast food and leave the healthy vegetables and fruits on the table. A research done in Cambridge by Institute of Metabolic Science reflects that people who take fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis develop a strong immunity towards diabetes. These people had 21 percent less risk of developing diabetes. The same research proves that people who eat 40 types of vegetables and fruits a week decrease the rate of diabetes development to 40%. It is the time that you add this rainbow of fruits and vegetables on your table too.

Go Low on Sugar

Since diabetes is directly related to the increase in the risk of developing diabetes, it is highly recommended that you decrease sugar intake. The sugar taken in the food is turned into insulin at a faster rate and that is dissolved in blood vessels later on after turning into insulin. This increases the chances of getting diabetes. Even the carb you take regularly increases the risk of you getting diabetes. A collective data of 37 research done in this field shows that sugar and carb intake increases the chances of getting diabetes by 40%. Hence, increase your sugar and carb intake.

Leave Smoking

Smoking is never good for health from any perspective but unfortunately, smoking has become the new definition of cool and modern in the world now. Just this one habit of smoking can put you on the verge of getting many dangerous diseases. A research done including 1 million people showed that smoking increased the risk of diabetes in people by 44% on average. It is the time for you to quit smoking if you want to escape the risk of diabetes. Another research shows that people who leave smoking come back to the zero risk of diabetes within 20 years.

Replace Beverages with Water

Taking beverages with meals has become more of a trend in the world now. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, tea break or dinner the beverages are always present on the table. The beverages we love to drink so much are full of sugary material and are found to increase the risk of diabetes. Research has proved that people who drink at least two beverages a day have 20% more risk of getting diabetes. Whereas on the other hand, drinking water has been proved to lessen the chances of diabetes development. Therefore, before it gets too late you should replace beverages on your dinner table with water.

Increase Fibers in Diet

Fibrous diet is an ultimate solution for many diseases and is good for your heart health too. A diet full of fibers keeps the blood sugar and insulin under control (proven by a research). The fiber when mixed with water in the gut results in gradual sugar levels rise in the blood. It just does not saves you from diabetes but also saves from a couple of other diseases as well. Fruits and leafy vegetables are full of fibers. If you are finding some food full of fibers. Start taking fibrous diet from today.

Have Tea or Coffee

As it stated above you should cut off beverage intake from your routine. However, water is the best substitute for beverages but you can take tea and coffee as the replacement of beverages too. It has been proved that intake of coffee and tea reduces the risk of diabetes. 5% to 84% reduction in chances of getting diabetes has been observed in a study. The antioxidants found in coffee and tea are to be accredited from this reduction in blood sugar levels. There are many types of teas and coffees available in the grocery stores. So if you do not want to replace beverages with water, then have tea or coffee instead.

Diabetes is a dangerous disease no doubt but the prevention is still under your control. If you will pay close attention to the tips mentioned above, you can surely beat the chances of you getting diabetes. Start adopting these tips in your life today for a healthy, better and free of diabetes lifestyle. You can gain more knowledge from different shows aired on Buckeye cable for some more tips. If you want to sign up for a cable TV package, then contact Buckeye cable customer service today!