Leading Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

As you advance from one stage in life to the next, you begin experiencing normal changes in your body. Of importance to note is that your body is like a working machine because its performance often changes as internal and external factors change. Some factors that cause your body’s functioning to change are injury, environmental factors, or hormones. For this reason, men experience decreased testosterone levels which cause low libido and difficulty sleeping, among many others. If you are experiencing any of the above, testosterone therapy Santa Monica is a hormone replacement therapy that balances your hormones and provides symptomatic relief. Below are some of the benefits of testosterone therapies.

Increases libido

One of the common symptoms of decreased testosterone levels in the body is low libido. In that case, testosterone therapy is recommended because it helps improve your sex drive and overall mood. In most cases, once the testosterone replacement hormone has entered your bloodstream, it induces libido quickly and lasts for extended periods. Therefore, most men undergoing testosterone therapy usually enjoy an increased sex drive.

Has minimal side effects

Most people have been avoiding this treatment because of its side effects, but they have been minimized due to advancements in technology. However, you should be aware that if you are suffering from other medical conditions, you are at risk of experiencing negative reactions. Therefore, if you are above the age of sixty-five, you should undergo several tests and medical exams together with professional advice to help minimize the side effects. Slight back pain is one of the common side effects you often experience due to the effect of DHT, a chemical that stimulates your sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Increased lean muscle mass

Generally, when your body has sufficient testosterone levels, its ability to form lean muscles and muscle tissue becomes easy. In most cases, testosterone treatments do this because it attaches themselves to androgen receptors found in your body, thus resulting in better muscle growth and muscle structure. Therefore, you can also participate in gym exercises to help enhance and make your lean muscles more noticeable.

Better recovery time

In most cases, testosterone is referred to as a recovery chemical, especially when taking part in soft tissue training exercises. Therefore, testosterone therapy may be recommended to help improve and influence your recovery time, especially after participating in heavy workouts or acter soft tissue injury.

Improved sleep

Reduced testosterone levels in your body often cause sleep apnea and lack of sleep. In this case, testosterone therapy helps improve the quality of your sleep by balancing your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. As a result, you begin experiencing quality sleep at night, which I more fulfilling. You can also fall asleep quicker and begin feeling a greater sense of well-being.
Other benefits of testosterone therapy include more strength during activities, improved cellular activity, increased alertness, and assertiveness; injections are quicker, and improved livelihood. Therefore, if you are a man experiencing some of the symptoms discussed above, like low libido, and you are looking for a solution to your problem, you can schedule your appointment online at REGENERATIVE & SPORTS MEDICINE today and get your testosterone therapy treatment. The treatment deals with all your concerns, especially due to decreased testosterone levels.

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