5 Reasons to Avoid GMOs for a Healthier Life

GMO foods are the fruits and vegetables whose DNA has been modified genetically to increase their productivity and make them more resistant against pests, weather and time. However, in the recent years, people have become vary of the GMO foods as it has been observed that this produce may be a leading cause of cancer and allergy outbreaks. Listed below are five reasons to avoid GMOs.

1- One of the main reasons to keep away from GMOs is these modified fruits and veggies have not been properly tested in labs most of the time to determine if they contain any threats for the human beings. Unfortunately, these foods are directly being consumed without any thorough research and are potentially harmful for our health.

2- With the increase in the GMOs being used freely, the statistics show that a large number of children in America and Europe have developed a number of dangerous allergies to substances like corn and peanuts and many other foods. It may be due to the foreign genes being introduced into the food products. A study was performed recently by comparing rats that were fed GM potatoes with rats that ate organic ones. It was observed that there were major differences in their digestive tracts which show how negatively GMOs can affect us.

3- These genetically engineered foods are also weakening the immune system of human beings. A study conducted in 2008 confirms this fact from the experiment where rats who were fed GMOs for 30 days affected the cells that regulated the immune system. Even other foods and water that come in contact with GMOs are at the risk of being contaminated and lead to malignant tumors if they come in touch with humans. They are also linked with cancer.

4- Although, initially it seemed like a very noble cause to develop genetically modified golden rice rich in vitamin A that would benefit the people in the under developed and developing countries. Nonetheless, this production is only in the hands of large companies belonging to the developed countries. So, it is more of business choice to make poor countries dependent on the West rather than helping them.

5- The most important reason to avoid GMOs is the fact that this is an unnatural process. It is quite unfortunate that this engineering process of foods is going to leave some really adverse effects on the ecosystem and biodiversity. Some power hungry and money making tycoons are ready to compromise with the health of future generations. You cannot be what you eat anymore because the crops are being induced with animal genes and many other foreign elements. This will not only affect the vegetarian or vegans but it will have ill health effects on everyone. The most unfortunate thing is that these changes are irreversible.