Simple Ways to Apply Makeup

There is no denying how powerful, strong and independent we can feel with just a few strokes of makeup on ourselves.

Makeup helps to highlight the beauty in ourselves and put our creativity to the test and try out new things to see the wonders it can lead to. And it’s open to everyone to try out.

If you too are curious to see the difference that makeup can do in your overall appearance, here are a few simple tips to get you started.

Cleanse First

Before you begin putting on each layer of cruelty-free makeup products, you should first start out with cleaning your skin of any kind of impurity.

Cleansing your skin can take a number of steps to complete and following it can give you the best facial canvas to work your makeup skills on. However, if you are in a rush to do your makeup, you can shorten down your facial cleaning routine to face wash and a toner.

When buying a face wash, make sure that you consider your skin type. Get yourself a foam or gel face wash if you have oily skin. For dry skin, cream facial cleansers always work the best. And if your skin is the type to have both oily and dry patches, search into some face washes online that are created to target these skin types specifically.

Use a Moisturizer

During the winter season, our skin becomes especially dry so it’s important that around this time of the year you should apply heavy layers of facial cream so that it can help to retain the moisture in your skin so that it doesn’t dry out during the day even with makeup on.

If your skin is the type that constantly suffers from breakouts or acne, it would be ideal for you to get moisturizers that don’t have oil as the main ingredient or has low content at the very least.

Apply a decent layer of moisturizer on your face with what you feel comfortable with. Of you want even better results, than instead of rubbing, simply pat the moisturizer all over your face. This way, the cream can soak deep into your skin to replenish and hydrate your skin cells to the max.

Prime Time

Applying a primer can help control the balance between the moisture levels of your skin and the makeup you are about to put on so that they don’t get mixed up with one another. The silicone-based primers are the best ones you can find if your skin has a different texture.

For dry skin types, you can easily find primers that bring out the dewy glow of the skin. Mattifying primers, on the other hand, work extremely well with oily skin types as they are great at retaining the excessive moisture of the skin from seeping out.

The silicon in the primers works to cover up your pores and remove the cracks and creases in your skin so that it can give a smooth base to apply your foundation on.

Conceal Dark Areas

Our facial skin isn’t always the same shade of color. Most people would have blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. This is where concealer comes in.

Just as the name suggests, this product conceals your dark spots, marks or any patches you may have and even out your skin tone to match up with the rest of your face. Just know what kind of concealer you should go for depending on the area you are using it on.

For example, it would be best to get two shades of concealers. One can be the color similar to your skin tone so that you can even out the dark spots with it. The other one can be a lighter shade which you can use under the eyes to hide the eye bags and brighten up that area as well. Use a concealer brush to make small stripes and then slowly pat them onto your skin.

Set the Base

Now finding a foundation that matches your skin is what you should really focus on. Try applying the foundation to your jawline. You will know it’s the right match if the foundation disappears without blending it in.

You can use a foundation stick for an accurate application or a liquid one that you can use with makeup tools like sponges and brushes.

 After putting on the foundation, start blending it out from the center of your face. You can use your fingers for lighter application or a damp sponge which you can use to buff it in so that it reduces even the smallest creases in your skin.

Shades of Bronzer

If you want to make your face appear more radiant and make those cheekbones and jawline pop out, bronzing it is the way to go.

Bronzer works the best in bringing out that sun-kissed glow makeup look. A bronzer brush has the bristles closely compacted together. Start at the cheekbones. Swipe it down and then move it in slow circles towards the edges of your lips.

Even if you have pale skin, the bronzer can give your skin that tan look which, though the circular strokes, can blend with the rest of your face. This way, your face will emit warmth and an overall healthy facial look.

Add Color to the Eyes

Now it’s time to focus on your eyes. Even in simplicity, having a little color onto your eyes can give a boost to your makeup look.

For a simple look, you would need two colors-dark and light- of your choice. Use an eye shadow brush to use the lighter eye shadow shade and then swipe it over your eyelid with circular strokes than take the darker shades and apply it at the corner of your eyelid up to just below your brow bone. Then take a blending brush and blend the two shades together to give a better medium.

Don’t go heavy on the eyeliner. Use liquid eyeliner for better precision. Start applying it in a thin line from the inner corner of your eye and then gradually make it thin till the outer edge of your eye line.

Pamper Your Lips

Finally, it’s time to give some attention to your lips. And we preach, don’t start applying your lipstick or lip gloss on crusty lips.

Make sure that you have moisturized your lips with a lip balm first. You can apply it overnight for better results, or you can put the lip balm on after cleaning your face. The moisture needs to soak inside your lip cells so that it can repair and hydrate your lips to make it look full and healthy.

Wrapping Up

Start applying your lipstick or gloss at the center of your lips and then gradually apply it to the whole area. Light shades will look much better if you want to achieve a simple yet gorgeous makeup look.

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