Top 5 Reasons Why Surrogacy Is Beneficial For Everyone

Nothing feels better than bringing a child of your own into the world. A newborn baby brings indescribable joy to the entire family. However, not everyone can achieve this dream since some people suffer fertility issues that prevent them from becoming parents. Trying to conceive without effort can be heartbreaking and discouraging, especially when you have tried for years. Fortunately, you can still achieve your dream of having a child with the surrogacy agency San Diego CA services.

Gestational surrogacy allows the surrogate mother to carry the embryo from an intended parent within agreed terms. Let’s run through the leading reasons why surrogacy is beneficial.

It allows preimplantation genetic testing

Testing the surrogate mother and the intended parents is expected during the surrogacy process. This usually gives the intended parents peace of mind since they are sure their child will be safe during pregnancy. Here, your provider detects any specific disease that risk affecting the child. Also, this helps the intended parents to choose the suitable embryo for transfer based on the testing results.

There is a reduced risk of miscarriage

Cases of miscarriages have become common, especially in women with underlying reproductive health conditions. If you have a history of multiple miscarriages, chances are high that you can suffer another. In such a case, a fertility specialist may recommend that your womb is unfit to hold a pregnancy. Therefore, you might want to consider surrogacy as it has a low risk of a miscarriage. Before implantation, your specialist will test the embryo to check its viability and health.

Allows gender selection of embryos

Modern technology has brought about advanced techniques that allow intended parents to select the gender of their choice depending on their family-building goals. Considering your priorities, you will be directed to choose the gender you can effectively parent, which may not be affected by transmitted diseases in your family.

High success rate

Regarding surrogacy, the probability that you will become a mother in less than two years is high. With advanced technologies and experienced clinics, every intended parent is guaranteed to have their baby. However, intended mothers should engage in a consultation with their chosen doctor, and they will discuss their expectations. On the other hand, the doctor will advise them on what is possible or impossible so they can prepare for what to expect. Nevertheless, the entire surrogacy process is safe and has proven effective for many intended parents.  

You won’t endanger your health

Suppose you have a severe medical condition that can make it dangerous to carry a pregnancy; you may be right in considering surrogacy. Conditions like kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes can put you and the baby at risk during pregnancy. Therefore, you can talk to your doctor, who may recommend you use a surrogate or freeze your eggs and use them later in the surrogacy process.

Your dream of becoming a parent is still alive. Rest assured, knowing surrogacy is safe, and screenings are necessary before embryo transfer. Furthermore, you can choose the surrogate and grow your relationship during and after pregnancy. Also, the entire process is legal; thus, you shouldn’t fear being denied access for your child after the set time is off. Don’t let infertility or health issues deter you from achieving your parenthood goal! Surrogacy is here for you!

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